What Are the Different Types of Home Theater Jobs?

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Most home theater jobs are related in some way to design or installation, either for big box stores or independent companies. Jobs that involve the installation of home theater equipment can also include some design or layout work, and there are also a variety of opportunities for service technicians to repair these systems. Interior decorators can also specialize in home theaters, and may be called on to design rooms that are both aesthetically pleasing and acoustically tuned. There are also a wide variety of other home theater jobs that are tied to the industry in some way, from the electronic engineers who come up with new equipment to bloggers who inform the public about different products and design concepts.

One of the main categories of home theater jobs is installation work. Most big electronic stores have installation teams that can set up anything from a single digital video disc (DVD) player to an entire home theater in a box. These installers do not typically make any modifications to a room, but they may need to run cables through walls, under carpet, or behind molding depending on the particular job. Some companies that deal with high end equipment employ installers who can make more significant modifications, or even build a home theater room from scratch.


Some interior decorators are generalists who work with entire homes or businesses, but others specialize in home theater jobs. These interior decorators can also vary in expertise, from those who are only qualified to make aesthetic choices to others who can design an entire home theater room that has perfect acoustics and viewing angles. In some cases these home theater interior decorators will work closely with installers to design and implement a project.

Another similar category of home theater jobs involves the repair and maintenance of equipment. Big box stores often employ service technicians who specialize in home theater equipment, though independent repair companies exist as well. Some of these repair technicians work out of a shop, while others make service calls to work on equipment or wiring that is too large or complex to move.

Other jobs that are related to home theaters have nothing to do with the installation, design, or repair of these systems. Electronic engineers are typically responsible for designing new home theater equipment, and work for all of the major electronics companies. These jobs include engineers who work on everything from the conceptual phase through design work and even testing. Other home theater jobs are held by writers who provide magazine articles or blogs that offer reviews and useful advice to consumers and enthusiasts. Home theater writers often test out new equipment and installations in order to provide their opinions.


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