What Are the Different Types of Home Office Shredders?

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There are a number of different types of home office shredders designed to suit different security needs. First, shredders range in size from small desktop models to larger models that can accommodate more paper at once. In addition, the way a shredder cuts paper is another important consideration. The most basic shredders simply cut paper into long strips, while more expensive crosscut shredders cut them diagonally into smaller pieces, which is a more secure option. Also consider whether or not the shredder can handle other items like staples or even CDs, or if it can just do paper.

The type of home office shredder an individual chooses depends on his or her needs, such as the amount of paper the shredder needs to handle at a time, as well as the sensitivity of the documents to be shredded. Small desktop shredders are typically perfectly fine for shredding things like bills or personal letters, for example. Someone who operates a business out of a home office though, and may be dealing with sensitive client information, may want a larger shredder. Larger home office shredders also feature the option to feed a number of pages through at once, while smaller shredders might choke on that.


Safety features are important as well. Most have a standard on/off switch, but some also have reverse buttons to turn the cutters in the opposite direction. This can be important if someone accidentally starts to shred an important document. Some shredders might automatically stop if they sense something other than paper, such as a tie for example.

The method of shredding also varies in different types of home office shredders. As mentioned above, the cheapest basic options simply cut into strips, but crosscut shredders are much more secure because the shredded documents are much more difficult to tape back together. Some shredders will actually crosscut paper in two different directions, which would be virtually impossible to reassemble.

Certain shredders are more durable than others, too. Sturdier home office shredders can handle things like staples if they are accidentally left on a stack of paper. The most heavy duty shredders may also be able to tackle CDs. Regardless of the type of shredder an individual chooses for the home office, they are an effective and useful way to protect personal identification and prevent identity theft.


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