What Are the Different Types of Home Improvement Grants?

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Many homeowners come to a point in time when they understand that they need to put in some extra work to improve their home. If they want to increase the value of their home or if they are in need of emergency home repair, then home improvement is necessary. A homeowner who is considering doing this work could look into various home improvement grants, such as those provided by government agencies or nonprofit organizations or those provided to certain groups of people, such as senior citizens. One advantage of home improvement grants is that, unlike a loan, a grant does not need to be repaid.

As the title suggests, home improvement grants are specifically for home improvement. Renovations, which include any type of home repair, new electrical or plumbing installations and extensions to the property, fall under the umbrella of home improvement. To know what specifically is considered home improvement, a good rule of thumb is to assess whether the home improvement project is going to increase the value of the property or modernize it. If it is, then the work typically falls under home improvement.


Governments offer home improvement grants for families whose homes contain considerable problems and are in dire need of emergency repairs. This type of grant will repair the damage that the home has incurred to restore the home to a livable state. Homeowners also can turn to other governmental agencies, such as housing departments, for low-income home improvement grants. If some of these agencies do not issue grants directly, then they often can assist homeowners in the process of applying for home improvement grants. 

Nonprofit organizations also can assist homeowners in obtaining home improvement grants. For the application and qualifications for such grants, homeowners can search their local municipality for housing-related nonprofit organizations that can help in this process. This will direct the homeowner to the proper nonprofit organizations that specifically deal with housing grants

Home improvement grants for senior citizens can be issued from government or private agencies. Some governmental programs might offer grants to low-income seniors who meet the grant guidelines for the purpose of home repair. Seniors also can utilize an alternate route in attaining home improvement grants by contacting their city or town government for grant assistance. These agencies can help seniors with grants for immediate emergency services, such as repairing a broken heating system. Private agencies, such as electrical companies, might offer home improvement grants for seniors, such as grants for the installation of energy-saving utilities that will modernize the home.


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