What Are the Different Types of Home Hemorrhoid Treatments?

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Hemorrhoids occur when veins in and around the rectum or anus swell. This condition can often be very uncomfortable and painful. A number of home hemorrhoid treatments can provide relief. Over-the-counter medications can often relieve pain and swelling in the area. Ice and moist heat can also relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Further irritation can be prevented by treating the area very gently.

Over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams are one of the most popular types of home hemorrhoid treatments. These creams are typically applied to the anal area. Ingredients in these creams help shrink the size of the hemorrhoids, moisturize the area, and provide some comfort. Many hemorrhoid creams contain an ingredient that results in a cooling sensation, as well as an anesthetic to help relieve the pain.

Oral pain relievers can also help relieve the pain of hemorrhoids. Many over-the-counter pain relievers, such as those that contain ibuprofen, also have anti-inflammatory properties. These can help relieve inflammation and swelling in the area.

Applying ice to hemorrhoids is another of the more popular home hemorrhoid treatments. Not only does this provide relief from pain, it can also minimize swelling in the area. To do this, an ice pack should be wrapped in a towel before being applied to hemorrhoids. Most physicians recommend holding the ice pack on the area for no longer than ten minutes at a time.


Along with ice, heat is also considered an effective home hemorrhoid treatment. Moist heat is considered especially helpful. Soaking the area in a warm bath can be especially helpful for individuals with hemorrhoids. In fact, sitz baths are often recommended as home hemorrhoid treatments. This involves filling a bathtub with enough water to soak the anus, and sitting in it for about 15 minutes.

These types of home hemorrhoid treatments are usually recommended after a bowel movement, since wiping the area with regular toilet paper can irritate hemorrhoids. If this is not possible, a hemorrhoid sufferer can also use a bidet to rinse off his anus. If rinsing the area is not possible, premoistened towels can also be used. Although wiping with regular toilet paper is not typically recommended, hemorrhoid sufferers can gently blot the anus if necessary.

Individuals with hemorrhoids are also advised not to sit for an extended period of time. This can put pressure on the area, which can cause severe discomfort and prolong healing time. Constrictive clothing, such as tight pants, should also be avoided for the same reason.


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