What are the Different Types of Home Gym Flooring?

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People with a home gyms often like to customize the room so that it is as close to a commercial gym as possible. This includes adding flooring that is meant for gym activity, which is why there are a few types of home gym flooring available. One of the main types is rubber flooring, which is often perfect for protecting the original floor of home gyms that include large weights and machines. Foam flooring is another kind of floor that is easy to install and provides lots of cushioning. Bamboo flooring is known for being best for gyms with few machines and lots of space for yoga or aerobics.

Home gyms that have free weights or exercise machines can often benefit from a durable rubber floor surface. This kind of home gym flooring can provide cushioning for anyone exercising on it, giving the joints a rest during any exercise. It also protects the floor underneath from heavy machines that tend to scrape the surface when moved, as well as weights that can dent most normal floors when dropped. It is often easy to install since it can be purchased in one large roll, and then cut to perfectly fit the room. It can also be bought in interlocking squares, or even in individual mats that can be placed under each machine or weight rack.


Foam flooring is not quite as durable as rubber, but is often lighter and less expensive. This is particularly good for home gyms that may be temporary, as this kind of home gym flooring is usually easy to install and remove. Similar to the rubber flooring, this type also provides cushioning for anyone performing a workout on it, as well as a spot for machines to rest on. It is usually available in individual mats or interlocking squares, though the latter tend to stop fitting together well over time since they may curl upward after a while. It also tends to tear with heavy use, which is why it is usually best only as temporary home gym flooring.

Some home gyms merely feature lots of space for workouts rather than machines or free weights, in which case bamboo flooring may be best. This is particularly good for those practicing aerobics, yoga, Pilates, or any other exercise that mainly uses body resistance rather than heavy weights. This kind of home gym flooring is a good option for those who want a permanent solution, especially since it works well in any room of the house, not just a gym. It is durable yet soft enough to provide cushioning for most workouts, though rubber or foam mats should be placed over it to protect it if weights or exercise machines will be used on it.


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Post 3
I think that stall mats are the best rubber gym flooring. I got mine from a place that sells horse supplies. They're cheaper but work perfectly well. The guy who works there told me that most people buy the mats for their home gyms!
Post 2

@fBoyle-- I'm not sure if rubber mats are sound-proof, but they should reduce the amount of noise that reaches your neighbors if you use them as home gym mats.

Are your floors concrete or wood? I think that makes a huge difference. Concrete is less conducive for traveling sound. If your floors are wood, I'm afraid your neighbors will hear everything.

I suggest avoiding dropping weights, not only because of noise, but also because it will damage the flooring. You will need very thick rubber mats to prevent damage.

Post 1

Which type of gym floor mat is best for reducing sound?

I have an apartment and I have people living under me. I'm turning one of the rooms into a home gym. I need to put in flooring that will limit sound because I'm often jumping, doing aerobics, etc. Sometimes I drop weights too. I don't want to get complaints from my neighbors.

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