What are the Different Types of Herbs for High Blood Pressure?

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Herbs for high blood pressure include hawthorn, cayenne, garlic, buchu leaves, and prince's pine. Other natural remedies are corn silk, uva ursi leaves, juniper berries, horsetail and cleavers. Any part of plant life technically is an herb, no matter whether it has medicinal properties. Seeds, leaves, roots, berries and bulbs — even when they are commonly consumed as a food, such as garlic and cayenne — are still herbs. Any plant product that has the ability to lower or to regulate blood pressure may be included in this category.

Hawthorn berries and cayenne, which is also known as capsicum, generally are considered the most effective and reliable of the herbs for high blood pressure. They are very closely followed by garlic. Cayenne not only helps to regulate blood pressure and cleanse the entire circulatory system when taken alone, it also is effective in lowering high blood pressure when used with garlic. The two herbs can be combined when cooking, but garlic is almost always more effective when used completely raw. A clove of garlic can be cut up and added to many different dishes, such as a lettuce-based vegetable salad or a marinated bean salad.


The unique advantage of using hawthorne berries is their ability to regulate both high and low blood pressure. Some herbalists understandably have labeled this medicinal plant the "king" of herbs for high blood pressure and other ailments of the circulatory system. Hawthorn berries help to strengthen the heart, to fight against arteriosclerosis and might help to reduce angina, the medical term for chest pain. Another advantage of including hawthorn berries in an all-natural treatment is their safety. Whole or cut dried berries are used to prepare a decoction that is reddish in color, very watery, and virtually tasteless.

All of these herbs are diuretic to some degree. The body has various ways of helping to keep blood pressure levels normal, and one of those ways is for the kidneys to increase the production of urine — less fluid in the circulatory system should diminish pressure. This is why diuretics can be taken for high blood pressure. People who are taking any medications that affect the kidneys are strongly advised to consult a medical professional before using any herbs or other products to lower their blood pressure.


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