What are the Different Types of Helmet Decals?

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Different types of helmet decals are typically based on the intended purpose of such decals and the types of designs that a helmet wearer may want. Some of the most common types of decals are those made for use on sports helmets. These include a variety of sports such as baseball, football, and hockey; they are typically made to help identify the team a person is on as well as some specific position on a team. There are also helmet decals made for decorative purposes, often for use on protective helmets worn by people on motorcycles or for costumes.

Helmet decals are stickers applied to a helmet that someone wears. These stickers are usually made with durable materials and adhesive that will not come off easily, making the decals fairly permanent additions to a helmet. Some of the most common types of helmet decals are stickers applied to helmets worn by participants in a variety of sporting events. While not all sports require the use of a helmet, sports such as baseball, football, hockey, and lacrosse typically include players wearing helmets for at least part of the game.


These sports helmets usually utilize helmet decals to help players and observers more easily identify who is playing on what team. While the colors of outfits and helmets can make differentiation between teams fairly easy, the stickers on helmets are usually used to identify the specific team. This is usually done with a team logo or the name of the team on the helmet; football helmets usually have a team logo displayed quite prominently. Helmet decals on sports helmets can also be used to indicate a special helmet worn by a member of a team in a particular position. The helmets worn by goalies in hockey, for example, are more protective than standard hockey helmets and are often more elaborately decorated to match the personality of a goalie.

Helmet decals can also be applied to helmets outside of sports contexts. Protective helmets worn by motorcycle riders are often decorated with decals and stickers that can have numbers, words, and images depicted on them. There are even stickers that glow in the dark, providing added visibility to the motorcycle rider in the dark. Helmet decals can also be applied to hard hats worn at construction sites, usually to indicate numbers for inventory, as well as costume helmets that can be made or purchased for a Halloween or movie costume.


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Post 3

@dinoleash & medicchristy- I have definitely been in the position you guys were in! We have had so many stickers and decals in our home.

When my son started baseball, he didn't want stickers on his helmet. He wanted his name and some designs airbrushed on it. Well, where we live there is no airbrushing. However, on a vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama, we found a place that airbrushes any kind of helmet.

When we got home, my son drew out what he wanted on his helmet. We shipped his helmet to the company and in about two weeks, we got it back. It was absolutely beautiful! From now on, we will definitely go that route!

Post 2

@medicchristy- That is so cute! When my son was little, he had to have Barney stickers on his bicycle helmet!

Now, he is much older and plays baseball. He wanted to have his own baseball helmet and wanted to buy custom helmet decals for it. I didn't realize how much it costs to buy some of the decals. We found him a few that look like flames going down his helmet. It almost looks like his head is on fire!

Post 1

When my son was young and learning to ride his bicycle, he wanted to decorate everything with Sponge Bob! I bought him a bicycle helmet and three sheets of Sponge Bob decals and by the time we were done, he looked like Sponge Bob himself!

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