What are the Different Types of Healthy Fasting?

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People have been using fasting as way to cleanse the digestive system and heal the body for centuries. Some people also use fasting as part of a religious or spiritual practice. There are a number of ways to fast that are healthy and safe. It is important to remember, however, that fasting should only be practiced with proper medical supervision and with the approval of a physician. Some people in delicate or compromised health can become very ill or put their health in serious danger by fasting.

Some of the most common forms of fasting include water fasting and juice fasting. It is not recommended to fast without taking liquids. In fact, taking plenty of liquids is an important part of healthy fasting, the purpose of which is to flush out the system. Healthy fasting with just water is often practiced for just one 24 hour period. Sometimes it is practiced for much longer. In fact, some guides discuss fasting using just water for up to 40 days. This very intense, long-term sort of fasting should be overseen by an experienced medical professional.

When people fast using water, they sometimes flavor the water with lemon. In this way, water fasting sometimes bridges the gap to another kind of popular fasting, which is juice fasting. While water fasting is a kind of healthy fasting that can provide results more quickly, juice fasting is often easier because the body is still receiving vitamins and nutrients.


The theory behind healthy fasting is that the fast gives the digestive system time to cleanse itself. By introducing no solid foods into the system, the digestive tract can get healthy and release toxins. Avoiding food completely is difficult for many people who are interested in healthy fasting. For this reason, some people follow modified healthy fasting plans that include consuming only certain types of solid foods such as avocados or bananas.

There are some health resorts that offer healthy fasting systems to their guests. The fasts are guided by professionals and the guests are given support to maintain their fasts. At these sorts of resorts, healthy fasting is sometimes accompanied with massage therapy and treatments for colon irrigation. There are also sometimes some classes for gentle exercises that can be performed by the gusts who are fasting.


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