What are the Different Types of Healing Tools?

Lumara Lee

People have been using healing tools since before recorded history. The healing properties of plants, minerals, and metals made these substances valuable weapons in the healing arsenal of the ancient shaman, healer, midwife, and medicine men and women. Sound has also been used to heal, and modern technology has made this and other healing tools available to more people than ever before. Healing jewelry, wands, music, and tuning forks are just a few of the many healing tools available today.

Stones and crystals are often used during massage.
Stones and crystals are often used during massage.

Rudraksha malas are energy beads believed to contain healing powers. The rudraksha is an evergreen tree native to Asia. A bead that grows inside the fruit is used in jewelry which is believed to confer qualities of tranquility, concentration, and protection to the person wearing it. Monks and yogis in India believe that the rudraksha bead represents an essence of the god Shiva and contains spiritual powers.

Shamans may utilize a variety of healing tools.
Shamans may utilize a variety of healing tools.

Some minerals have characteristics that make then useful healing tools. The healing properties of copper have been known for centuries, and copper bracelets are still popular healing tools today because of the metal's anti-inflammatory properties. Many people who suffer from arthritis wear copper jewelry, claiming that it relieves pain and reduces swelling, but the use of copper for healing isn’t limited to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Copper is also effective when taken internally. Studies have shown that taking copper along with anti-inflammatory drugs reduces the incidence of ulcers that this type of drug may cause, and copper taken internally can heal stomach lesions. Copper is also an effective conductor of energy, making it a useful material in the construction of healing wands. Many believe that wands made by combining copper with different crystals and stones are effective healing tools.

Tuning forks are another tool used for healing. Each tuning fork is tuned to a specific note. Some people believe that the body can be adjusted by striking two tuning forks together. This pure note can induce a state of relaxation quickly in some and help them achieve emotional balance. Tuning forks are often used in addition to other healing therapies, such as reiki, massage, and yoga.

Music is also used for healing. Some musicians specialize in creating music with curative powers, and listening to their music can have various therapeutic benefits. Music can relieve stress and induce a state of meditation. Sometimes, music is combined with subliminal messages to help achieve a specific goal, such as weight loss, increasing self confidence, or attracting a mate.

Monk fruit has been prized for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years.
Monk fruit has been prized for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years.

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