What are the Different Types of Hand-Eye Coordination Exercises?

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The best hand-eye coordination exercises are those that engage the whole body and the eyes in completing a task. Playing sports, for example, requires one to use a whole combination of hand-eye coordination skills, and also improves balance and coordination over the whole body. Some designated hand-eye coordination exercises such as playing catch or juggling can be great ways to improve the skill as well.

Children learn hand-eye coordination skills naturally through play. As some people age, however, they may find that coordination drops, or that they are frequently dropping things or making simple mistakes. In this instance, performing hand-eye coordination exercises can help to regain lost skills, or improve existing skills. Teachers will frequently turn coordination exercises into a game for younger students.

Playing different forms of catch with a ball is one of the most recommended hand-eye coordination exercises. Playing a simple game of catch and throwing the ball back and forth is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination. Others suggest writing a series of letters on the ball, and then attempting to see which letter is closest right before the ball is caught. One may also play this game independently, by throwing the ball up in the air and trying to see the letters.


Juggling is another one of the best hand-eye coordination exercises. One may even just start with two tennis balls to practice, and then increase the amount as skill improves. Of course, playing sports such as tennis, soccer, baseball, or football are all great ways to build coordination as well, and these will improve coordination for the entire body. Many communities have fitness clubs or events for adults where they can join an informal sports team to meet new people, get some exercise, and improve coordination and balance skills.

All hand-eye coordination exercises need not be physical. Computer games or video games can help with both hand-eye coordination and reaction time, even games that are not specifically designed to do so. There are some computer games that are designed to improve coordination, however; these may be used for kids who are having trouble developing the skill, or people who are in occupational therapy. It is important to regularly practice hand-eye coordination exercises to keep skills sharp; some people make it a regular part of a daily routine, such as a regular exercise program for physical fitness.


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I think that video games improve hand eye coordination really well. You really have to act quickly and your reaction time tends to improve over time. I also think that tennis or other racket sports are also great for hand eye coordination exercises.

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