What are the Different Types of Halloween Treats?

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Halloween can be a lot of fun. It’s especially fun when trick-or-treaters accumulate a collection of all their favorite Halloween treats. Even if you don’t trick or treat, those who hand out Halloween treats often derive enjoyment from as well. Just looking into children’s happy faces and seeing them dressed up in their costumes is enough to make many people smile.

Some folks really get into it go all out with Halloween treats. Instead of one little piece of candy or gum, some will hand out large candy bars or even goodie bags with a variety of Halloween treats inside. You can find pre-made treat bags or make your own. Some may opt for a trendy, popular candy choice.

In the past few years, the assortment of Halloween treats has expanded to include much more than bubble gum and Pixie Sticks. You can pick up individually packaged snacks like Cheetos® and Doritos® as well. They come in small, single serving size bags with a Halloween motif, and they are sure to make your favorite trick-or-treaters happy.


You can also find granola bars, graham crackers, pretzels, fruit snacks, and other specially packaged Halloween treats. Some of these are seen as healthier alternatives to typical Halloween treats. While some people prefer these kinds of snacks others still enjoy the traditional, sugary goodies. Perhaps you would simply like to fill a large bowl or container with a variety of Halloween treats and let the little ghosts and goblins and princesses and pirates choose what they would like. It’s good to have a number of choices and you can certainly find something for everybody.

From fun size candy bars to small bags of candies such as M&M’s and Skittles, there is a great selection of Halloween treats available. You can also find variety packs that include several different types of candy instead of having to buy more than one bag. Some Halloween variety packs include a mixture of candy and gum or small toys and other favors along with candy.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for Halloween treats is that many children have allergies. If you know anyone who has kids with peanut allergies, be sure to read labels when selecting treats. Even candies that don’t contain nuts may be processed in plants where nuts are present. Keep these treats away from those you have selected for children with allergies. An extremely sensitive child can be affected by even trace amounts of nut oils.


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@Markerrag -- That is all sad, but true. But don't get too discouraged. You can save those homemade treats for office parties and family members. Halloween treats are a lot more than what kids are handed when they ring your doorbell.

Post 1

Something that everyone handing out Halloween treats should keep in mind is that it was once acceptable to give out homemade things. Kids would come home with cookies and cupcakes, for example. Some people used to give out fruit, too.

None of that stuff is acceptable anymore. Parents get worried about bad folks slipping things into homemade treats and fruits, so be sure to stick with prepackaged stuff that is good and sealed when given to kids showing up for Halloween.

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