What Are the Different Types of Guitar Gadgets?

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There are many guitar gadgets designed to both aid the guitarist in tuning the guitar as well as in creating new and powerful sounds from the instrument. Electronic guitar tuners, power string winders and effects pedals all add to both the ease and quality of tuning and playing the guitar. Stands, hangers and other guitar gadgets used to store a guitar or hold a guitar while on stage are very helpful to the guitarist with multiple instruments. Other interesting guitar gadgets are whammy bars, phase splitters and detuners, which are used to produce an alternative sound with the flip of a switch.

Many guitar players rely on the aid of guitar gadgets to produce a unique sound all their own both on stage and in the studio. Beginning with an auto-tuning machine, the guitar player simply plucks a string and adjusts the tension on the string until a light on this guitar gadget illuminates, indicating the guitar is in tune. This is repeated until all strings are in tune. Once in tune, other guitar gadgets in the form of effects boxes can be activated to allow a number of preset sounds and effects on the guitar notes.


Flangers, chorus pedals and delay boxes are all types of guitar gadgets used to produce a specific type of sound. Other effects are distortion, crunch and phazer pedals. Going beyond the actual sound produced by the guitar, gadgets such as wireless amplifier connections allow the guitarist to wander around on stage without tripping on a cord. Pick holders affixed to the bottom edge of the guitar provide a way for the player to store extra guitar picks in the event he drops one while playing. Using this gadget, another pick is only a short reach away from his picking hand.

High-tech guitar gadgets such as the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) connection allow the guitar to be played through a home computer. Used primarily as a song writing tool, this adds the benefit of sampling different sounds and allows them to be arranged to create a finished product containing several different tones and effects. Other guitar gadgets allow a guitarist to play and hold a note for an almost endless period of time through the use of electromagnetics.

Whammy or wah-wah pedals, volume pedals and voice boxes are other guitar gadgets. They lend a special voice to the guitar, from a soft moan to a digitized speaking voice. With these effects, the guitar is able to function in the role of an additional band member instead of just the simple instrument of wire and wood that it is.


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Of course, a good modeling amp isn't cheap, so play a few and get ready to drop a decent amount of cash on the one you like (don't worry -- small modeling amps aren't terribly expensive, but they go up in price when you start getting into high power amps suitable for live venues).

Now, a modeling amp can't replace a capo, and you'll still have to buy picks, a guitar strap, strings and a cord to plug into a modeling amp, but all that stuff is fairly inexpensive. Oh, and a word about whammy bars -- they'll smack that guitar out of tune easily.

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