What Are the Different Types of Ground Beef Pie?

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There are several types of ground beef pie, from the traditional shepherd's pie to beef pot pie. Consisting of a ground beef mixture served under a bed of biscuits or a crust, ground beef pie commonly incorporates vegetables and gravy in a casserole-style dish. One common denominator with all versions of ground beef pie is the one-dish meal concept that makes the recipes so popular with many people.

Shepherd's pie combines ground beef, vegetables and whipped potatoes in a ground beef pie. Another type of ground beef dish uses frozen potatoes over a bed of meat, vegetables and gravy. Known as Tater Tot® hot dish, this ground beef pie often appeals to the younger diners who enjoy puffed potato treats. Pizza casserole combines ground beef with a pizza sauce and a biscuit topping. Once the ground beef is browned, it is combined with pizza sauce and poured into the bottom of a casserole dish, then biscuits are placed over the meat mixture and cheese is placed on the top.

Other versions of ground beef pie use mushroom soup mixed with ground beef. The mixture is sealed into a type of pie crust and baked until golden brown. Variations of this dish can include mixed vegetables, corn and peas. The mushroom soup forms a type of thick gravy that creates a hearty meal. This dish is occasionally served over buttered egg noodles or rice.


Taco pot pie combines ground beef with taco seasoning and water to form a taco meat filler. It is baked beneath a covering of biscuits and served with lettuce, cheese and salsa for a taste of old Mexico in a casserole dish. A tamale pie is made by combining ground beef with tamale seasoning and tomato sauce. This mixture is seasoned and placed in a casserole dish and covered with a corn flour mixture, and the dish is baked until the corn flour dough on top is golden brown. Corn bread can be substituted for the top crust and baked until golden.

Barbecue pot pie consists of a canned sloppy Joe mixture being mixed with browned ground beef and placed in a pan. The mixture is topped with onion and biscuits then baked until brown. Spaghetti pie is another type of ground beef pie that combines spaghetti sauce with ground beef, and is mixed with boiled spaghetti noodles or elbow macaroni. The mixture is topped with sliced garlic bread. Mozzarella cheese is sprinkled generously over the dish and it is baked until the bread is golden brown.


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