What Are the Different Types of Greek Yogurt Desserts?

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There are several different types of Greek yogurt desserts ranging from a frozen treat to a rich mousse. For a cool treat, have frozen yogurt with a drizzle added on top. Another option is to eat the yogurt with some crunchy and sweet toppings. Create a layered mix by alternating the yogurt with various other ingredients. For a rich, indulgent treat, create a mousse using the yogurt.

One of the best Greek yogurt desserts to eat during warmer weather is frozen yogurt with a drizzle on top. It's best made several hours before eating it. Blend yogurt with any type of drizzle, such as honey or chocolate syrup, then put some more on top. Put it into a bowl, cover it, then let it freeze for a few hours before eating.

Some may have a difficult decision choosing whether they want a crunchy or creamy dessert. A blend of the yogurt with various sweet and crunchy toppings is one of the Greek yogurt desserts that allows for having a good balance of creamy and crunchy. Put the yogurt into a bowl, then top it with granola or peanuts for a rough texture, and for the sweet, top it off with blueberries, strawberries or raspberries.


Another one of the indulgent Greek yogurt desserts to create is a layered mix of sweet ingredients. Mix the yogurt and whipped cream together in a bowl. On the bottom of a small glass tumbler or bowl, put honey or chocolate syrup, then put a layer of the yogurt mix. In the next layer, put chopped up berries, then follow that up by putting another layer of the yogurt mix. For the very top layer, mix together the honey or chocolate syrup with chopped up berries, then place it on top of the yogurt.

Make a Greek yogurt strawberry mousse for an extra indulgent treat. Some of the wet ingredients necessary include Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, water and egg whites. Other ingredients needed are mashed strawberries, unflavored gelatin, sugar and salt.

There are many toppings that taste delicious on almost all options of Greek yogurt desserts. A few of the ingredients to consider include crushed granola, cereal flakes and nuts. Fruit options, such as berries or melon, are also ideal. Those who aren't fond of the taste of plain Greek yogurt can blend it with a variety of ingredients such as honey, caramel syrup, whipped cream, strawberry syrup or chocolate syrup.


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