What Are the Different Types of Greek Desserts?

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One of the most popular Greek desserts is known as baklava, which is a type of pastry made with cinnamon-sugar and chopped nuts. A Greek-style egg custard dessert is called galaktoboureko. It can also be made into a moist custard pie, using flaky phyllo dough, milk and egg yolks. Greek desserts also consist of pastry-type cookies, often made with heavy amounts of sugar. One such cookie is known as koulourakia, which is twisted and similar in appearance to a pretzel.

Greek-style yogurts are popular desserts in Greek cooking. Greek yogurts are generally creamy with a thicker texture than traditional yogurts. Due to their thickness, Greek-style yogurts tend to be filling and suitable for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, in addition to dessert. Many brands of Greek yogurt have become popular worldwide. Greek frozen yogurts have a thick consistency as well.

Greek ice cream is generally thicker and creamier than traditional ice cream. Greek ice cream is also referred to as pagoto krema. Pagoto yia paithia is a Greek dessert similar to ice cream, although it is typically made with non-dairy whipped topping.

Frozen ices are popular Greek desserts in the summertime. Lemons are often used for flavor when making Greek water ice. Granita Lemoni can be made using fresh-squeezed lemons in addition to the lemon peel.


Phyllo dough is the main ingredient used when making baklava. This type of dough is very flaky and moist. Walnuts and almonds may be used for the filling of baklava, and a sugary syrup gives the Greek dessert its sweet flavor. In addition, baklava rolls, which are cut into small pieces, may be made using phyllo dough.

Greek desserts known as loukoumades are similar in flavor and texture to donuts. These fried treats are made from pastry dough and shaped like a cream puff, although cream filling is not used. Other ingredients, such as chopped walnuts and sugar-cinnamon, are often used when making fried loukoumades. For added flavor, a small amount of brandy may be used when making these Greek pastries.

Another popular Greek dessert is known as galaktoboureko, which is sometimes called milk pie. This dessert is not actually a pie, and seems more cake-like in texture. Milk pie can be made with semolina or cream of wheat. Phyllo dough or thin pastry sheets are used for making the crust of these Greek desserts. Lemon juice gives galaktoboureko its tart taste.


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The article didn't mention one of my favorite Greek desserts. I don't know what the Greek name is for it, but I had the best rice pudding at a local Greek restaurant. I think it may have followed the egg custard recipe, but with the addition of cooked rice.

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My first real job was at a Greek restaurant, but I was not familiar with Greek food at the time. The owners asked me to help prep some of the ingredients for their traditional desserts, and that's when I found out about baklava. I spent what felt like hours heating spiced honey in a large pot and drizziing it over each new layer of phyllo dough and ground nuts. They gave me a free piece to try when I went home, and it was the best thing I had ever eaten in my life. Baklava was everything I ever wanted in a dessert and more.

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