What Are the Different Types of Grader Operator Jobs?

Lori Kilchermann

Grader operator jobs are available in many sectors of the construction industry, from road building to the construction of buildings and homes. Many grader operator jobs are linked with the forestry industry and workers assist in the construction of logging trails. Seasonal grader operator jobs exist in cold climate areas in the form of snow removal personnel for roads, parking lots and airports.

Grader operators work in many areas of the construction industry.
Grader operators work in many areas of the construction industry.

Many types of heavy equipment operators, such as crane and excavator operators, are employed in the construction business; however, some types of heavy equipment are better suited for other tasks. This is often the case with grader operator jobs, as these operators usually require a spacious work area in order to operate the graders at their full potential. Road building is often just such an opportunity for the grader operator. Carving long stretches of roadway out of fields and woodlands is often a job specially designed for a grader operator.

Grade operators assist in the building of parking lots.
Grade operators assist in the building of parking lots.

There are many grader operator jobs in traditional construction areas, such as home building. When subdivisions are built, they require graders to create the roadways as well as access roads to and from the established roads and highways. Lumber mills occasionally employ a grader operator to create logging trails that will enable the log trucks to gain access to timber cutting sites. These jobs often involve working on the side of a mountain and in extremely remote locations. Due, in part, to the extreme nature of the role, these jobs typically pay very well.

Airports are another area where grader operators can often demand a very good wage. This kind of job is often government-funded and usually pays what is known as a prevailing wage. This is a mandatory pay scale that must be met by the contractor that is in charge of the project. Occasionally, this type of job is linked with a highway building project. This is due to the need for entrance and exit roads, as well as to meet the anticipated heavy traffic flow to and from the airport.

In certain cold weather climates, grader operator jobs are offered to workers willing to work on snow removal crews. The clearing of rural roads is often left to a grader fitted with a large V-plow on the front of the machine. The long wheelbase and superior traction as compared to many trucks makes this machine well-suited for snow removal. Parking lots and airport runways are also prime areas for the use of a grader to work as a snow removal machine.

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