What are the Different Types of Government Benefits?

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The types of government benefits available to a person depend on the government and the person’s eligibility. Some government benefits are common in developed countries around the world, like unemployment benefits, government grants, and healt hcare benefits. Unemployment benefits are generally for people who have lost their job and need to support themselves while looking for a new one. Government grants are typically reserved for non-personal uses, such as education, community development, and various arts. Health care benefits are also common, with some governments offering free health care and others supporting only those who appear to need it most.

Unemployment benefits granted by the government are normally meant for people in between jobs who can prove that they are actively seeking employment. Depending on the government, these government benefits might be a small sum meant to cover basic living expenses or a sum similar to what the person used to receive when employed, even if that amount is significant. Instead of granting the unemployed person the full amount of unemployment benefits to spend as he or she sees fit, a government might arrange to partially pay the unemployed’s rent, food expenses, or both. Most governments cap the amount an unemployed person can receive each week.


Government grants are many and varied and often issued to encourage projects that are good for the community. Not-for-profit schools, libraries, and health clinics might receive government grants to help with expenses and continue to benefit the community. Individuals might also receive grants that the government sees as beneficial to their region or country, such as tuition grants, home improvement grants, and much more. Government grants are generally not as prevalent as some Internet marketers make them sound, so extreme caution is necessary when dealing with a company that promises a government grant. Grants from the government typically require those who apply to show a need for the resources being offered as well as an in-person interview.

Health care benefits are provided by a lot of governments in varying degrees. Some governments pay for nearly all aspects of health care, while others might only offer benefits to the elderly, poor, or both. In some cases, severely disabled people may also be granted health care benefits by the government. Generally, health care government benefits do not cover cosmetic procedures but will cover illnesses that are life-threatening or decrease a citizen’s quality of life. Sometimes vision and dental costs are also covered in full or partially, depending on necessity.


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Post 2

@Markerrag -- Unemployment benefits are meant to be used in the short term. Just long enough for people to get back on their feet. More often than not, they are used for that exact purpose.

There are some ways to make sure people are looking for work while drawing those benefits. Is there some abuse in the system? Sure. Could some things be done to curb abuses? Yes. However, the system largely works as intended. It gives people a safety net so they can meet their financial obligations until they can find employment.

I don't have a problem with that system at all. It is humane and the type of thing our government ought to be doing.

Post 1

Government unemployment benefits are among the most abused of all the benefits the government hands out. People get on those things and can stay for years. That is simply a way to rob us taxpayers. It is not fair and something ought to be done about it.

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