What are the Different Types of Glute Exercises?

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The gluteus maximus is a muscle that many people aim to improve, and it is possible to do so through various glute exercises. Fortunately, there is a wide range of common butt exercises, from the traditional squat and its many derivatives, to lunges. Additionally, there are some ways to get a great glute workout through cardio moves. Most of these gluteus maximus exercises can be performed either at the gym or at home, with little to no equipment.

Squats are well-known for toning the glute area, and the bonus is that they also tone up the thighs and hips. The feet should be hip-width apart from each other at the start of the exercise, and after bending at the knees and lowering the butt, the knees should still be behind the toes. The back should be kept straight the whole time, while the body is raised back up into standing position. Once this glute workout is mastered, one leg can be raised up in the air in order to make one of the most popular glute exercises more difficult. Additionally, traditional squats can be turned into jumping squats by jumping into the air, mid-bend, and landing in the squat position.


Lunges are another type of glute workout, requiring little or no equipment. Many people like to turn these glute exercises into arm workouts, as well, by holding a small arm weight in each hand. The starting position involves standing up straight, with the hips tucked in, and then stepping forward with one leg and bending it in front of the body at a ninety degree angle. The position should be held for about a second, and then the front leg should go back to the starting position so that the exercise can be repeated with the other leg. If there is room, these glute exercises can be turned into walking lunges by going forward right into the next lunge, instead of stepping backward to the starting position each time.

While these glute exercises are the most common types for toning, some types of cardio can also help shape the butt. Running uphill, either outside or on a treadmill, can be a good way to tone up the glutes and help keep cellulite at bay. Roller blading or roller skating can also work well, and may barely feel like exercise if it is done with friends or along a scenic pathway, like a beach boardwalk. For those with plenty of mountains nearby, hiking is another way to work out the gluteus maximus without spending time in the gym or using workout equipment.


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