What are the Different Types of Gardening Gifts?

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Gardening gifts are wonderful gift choices for people who love to garden. Sometimes these gifts are just single items such as decorations for the garden or particularly lovely planters. Other times gardening gifts are sets of items that are useful for gardeners. The price of a gardening gift will depend on how large or elaborate the item or package is. Many home stores and gardening centers sell these gift packages.

One gardening gift package might include gardening gloves, a trowel, and a small but lovely pot for plants. A more elaborate package of gardening gifts might include a collection of pots with matching or complementary glazes. Sometimes gardening gifts will include items that can be used while enjoying the garden instead of working on it. These types of gifts might include candles that are appropriate for use outdoors and a tray with a matching pitcher and glasses that can be used to serve drinks in the garden.

Some packages of gardening gifts are intended to care for the gardener herself instead of the garden. These packages might include a gardening hat to be worn as a sun shield, sunblock, and special soaps, balms, or creams to use on the hands after gardening. These sets of gardening gifts are often well received by people who like to garden but also like to have clean, manicured-looking hands.


Gardening gifts are wonderful for birthday gifts, especially if the person receiving the gift has a birthday during or just before gardening season begins. They are also wonderful gifts to give people as a housewarming gift, especially if the garden in the new house will need some attention to bring it up to the standards of the new owner. There are also special gardening gift options for people who maintain certain kinds of gardens such as rose gardens, succulent gardens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, and organic gardens. Depending on the focus of the gardener, there are a number of possible gifts that are geared toward her variety of garden.

In addition to gardening gifts for outdoor gardens, there are also gifts for indoor gardens. These are perfect for people who like to maintain indoor gardens during seasons of cold weather or for people who live in apartments or condos that are not attached to any outdoor spaces dedicated for gardening. Gardening gifts for indoor gardens could include pots, new plants, or seed kits for indoor gardens.


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Post 2

If you are looking for a gift for a friend you know loves to garden, I think buying them a personalized gardening gift adds a special touch. You can find decorative gardening items and have their initial monogrammed on it.

Another idea is a bird house that looks similar to the house they live in. I have a friend who lives in a log home, and I found a log home bird house that was perfect for them.

It is not hard to find special home and garden gifts with all the greenhouses and retail stores that sell products for your home. It doesn't take long when browsing around to find a special gift for that special person.

Post 1

There are so many beautiful and unique gardening gifts available today that the hard part is deciding on which one to get. I try to keep in mind the specific tastes of those I am buying for.

One of the favorite gardening gifts I received was a very unique hummingbird feeder. I had a couple feeders in my yard, and my friend knew I loved to watch them. As a gift she gave me the most beautiful feeder. It was almost too pretty to use, but I found out that it was not only pretty, but functional too.

Every time I saw hummingbirds visit that feeder, I had warm thoughts of my friend - it was a perfect gift!

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