What Are the Different Types of Garbage Disposal Parts?

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There are many garbage disposal parts, including the motor, blade, and the switch that turns the machine on. In addition, the rubber splash guard and stopper are smaller but equally important pieces. Generally, the motor is a very durable part that outlasts most other garbage disposal parts. The blade, switches, and splash guard may have to be replaced sometime throughout the life of a garbage disposal. Lastly, garbage disposal stoppers are an optional part, but they are required to allow the sink to hold water.

The motor is an essential part of the machine, one that determines the power, speed, and initial cost. Normally, garbage disposal motors last a reasonable lifespan without needing repair. When the motor does fail, however, it is usually more cost effective to replace the entire disposal rather than just the motor. Replacing the motor on an old garbage disposal is equivalent to replacing the engine on an old car or the motherboard on an old computer; usually, it is not worth the time and money.


Garbage disposal parts that move and come into contact with food and water are more likely to wear out or break over the machine’s lifespan. One such part is the blade, which can rust or became dull, especially if used on a daily basis. Manufacturers usually craft the blade from a metal that is resistant to rust, but this is not a foolproof method of preventing eventual corrosion. Unlike a dead motor, a rusted or dull blade is not always obvious until the garbage disposal fails to grind enough food so that the home owner’s drain becomes clogged.

A splash guard is a rubber piece that covers the drain leading into the garbage disposal. The splash guard keeps the disposal from splashing waste and water out of the drain when it is on. In addition, the garbage disposal stopper, also usually made from rubber, is used to seal the drain so the sink can be filled with water. This is useful when a person wants to wash or soak dishes in the sink.

The switch allows the user to enable and disable the garbage disposal. If a disposal is being installed in a place where no garbage disposal has been before, hooking up a garbage disposal switch can be difficult or expensive. A qualified professional electrician may have to be hired when installing garbage disposal parts of this kind.


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