What Are the Different Types of Fundraiser Supplies?

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The types of fundraiser supplies needed to run such an event can vary depending on what type of fundraiser is being organized. A golf fundraiser, for example, will require different materials and supplies than a casino night fundraiser. Some fundraiser supplies will be necessary regardless of the type of event being held, however, and most of these common supplies will focus on bookkeeping and cash handling. A cash box or register, for example, will usually be needed to track sales, make change, and enter payment information into a log or computer system.

If the fundraiser takes the form of some sort of competition, such as a golf tournament, some fundraiser supplies that will be necessary include prizes or trophies which are usually donated from local businesses or individuals; scorecards or other documents for keeping track of scoring; and other rewards for people who have enrolled in the tournament or event. T-shirts, for example, are common giveaways for participants, but it is important that the fundraiser organizer keep track of how much is spent on promotional items to ensure a profit is made from the event. Permits may also be required to run the event, especially if it will take place in a public space.


Fundraiser supplies may also be necessary for packaging items that are sold at the event. Sometimes cookies or candy can be sold as a fundraiser, and if a customer purchases a large amount of the goods, it may be necessary to bag the items or put them in boxes. It also helps with distribution if several volunteers will be setting up fundraising stations at various locations. If items need to be shipped, boxes will be required, as will log books for documenting shipping costs and tracking numbers, if applicable.

Event specific fundraiser supplies can vary drastically. A casino night, for example, will require decks of cards, poker chips, card tables, and other decorations to make the event functional and festive. A sports tournament will require safety equipment, adequate space in which to hold the event, and other pieces of equipment specific to that sport or event. A Christmas tree sale may require tree stands and tree netting, or at the very least twine or rope. If delivery services will be offered, a truck or other delivery vehicle will be necessary, as well as a person who is qualified to drive that vehicle safely and legally.


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