What Are the Different Types of Fun Business Ideas?

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The different types of fun business ideas are often creative or revolve around a hobby or passion. What is considered "fun" for one entrepreneur may not be by another, but in general, many web-based and art-focused business ideas are considered among the most pleasant. Website designing or writing, craft making and party planning are often considered fun business ideas. Others include businesses that relate to entertainment or the performing arts.

For example, a singing telegram business can be considered a fun business. Aspiring actors or singers as well as those with good voices are paid by the business to deliver entertaining songs about birthdays, anniversaries or other events to clients' homes or workplaces. Singing telegram businesses usually include the owners or managers writing original songs for the people they hire to perform.

Being a clown or magician who performs at children's parties or entertains hospitalized children is another performing arts type of business idea for those talented at these professions. There are many possible fun business ideas centered around entertainment. Party planning services are popular, as they tend to supply party ideas and everything needed for the event for one all-inclusive fee. The creative side of party and event planning businesses can be especially fun, as the challenge is often to think of unusual, new ideas. Choosing color schemes and party themes specific to the client can be creative and fun.


Artists, crafters or hobbyists who enjoy a particular subject or medium often create a fun business around it. For example, a person who loves to design and create jewelry may turn this into a business by selling his or her creations to stores. People who paint or make dolls, pottery, wood crafts may also sell their items. Those with these type of fun business ideas may also sell their products online through websites that promote their works and/or by traveling to different craft or art fairs.


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Post 3

I always believed that saying about choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. I went to college, picked a major I liked and after graduation I landed that fun job I worked so hard to get. That's when I learned that even the fun job isn't always fun.

I thought I was going into a career I would love, but if I had another chance I would go in another direction. Of course, there is no guarantee you are going to end up with a fun job, so you make the best decisions you can and hope for the best.

One of the most fun jobs I ever had was working at a resort during summer break from college. I had no idea just how lucky I was at the time.

Post 2

I definitely agree with the first paragraph in this article. Everyone doesn't consider the same jobs to be fun. When you think about what this means you realize this is a good thing.

Imagine if everyone considered the same few businesses to be fun. Then you would have a few people happy because they were fortunate enough to get the fun jobs, and the rest of the population would be stuck with jobs they didn't care for, and they would be unhappy.

Post 1

Take a piece of information from someone who runs his own business and has run several of them over the years, fun is great, but fun has nothing to do with running a successful business. If I had chosen my business based on what I would have fun doing then I would have started a sit-at-home-and-do-whatever-I-want business. Unfortunately, I didn't see much earning potential in that line of work.

I am so tired of hearing people say they want a job they enjoy going to, or they want a fun job. When I want to have fun, I take a vacation. I do not go to work to relax and have fun.The bottom line is that the purpose of work and business is to make money so you can survive. If you like your job that's fine, but that has nothing to do with why you work.

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