What Are the Different Types of Fringe Purses?

Patti Kate

Fringe purses and hand bags are often seen in various looks, including retro styles, Native American styles, and hobo style. In addition to fringe, some fashion bags are made with embellishments such as metal buckles or beads. A more unusual type of fringed hand bag is a canvas tote, which typically has more room for storing items. Many of the fringe purses are made of suede material, often in various colors. When made of high quality leather, fringe purses and hand bags often command a high price, especially those by famous fashion designers.

Fringe purses are associated with hippie fashion.
Fringe purses are associated with hippie fashion.

Specialty shops and boutiques often sell authentic fashion accessories from past decades. Some shops sell fringe hand bags that are reminiscent of styles from the 40s through the 70s. Often referred to as retro style, these fringe purses may be used for costume party accessories. Vintage style fringe purses may also be sold as a set with matching clutch.

Fringe purses may include matching clutches.
Fringe purses may include matching clutches.

A vintage hippie style fringe purse is sometimes referred to as a blue jean hand bag. These hand bags are often made with blue denim material, some with a pre-washed fabric. Other hippie styles are seen in suede, often with colorful bead trim around the edges. Generally smaller than many of the other fringe purses, hippie bags are also made with crocheted fabric. Some bags have messages printed on them, such as "Peace" or "Love", made to evoke memories of the 1960s.

Other fringe hand bags are created in a southwestern or Native American design. Blending colorful fabrics and textures used by Native American cultures, these fringe purses are often sold to tourists who visit the southwestern United States. Cowhide leather, suede and canvas are some of the more commonly used materials for making these styles of fringe purses. Some people like to team these handbags with cowboy boots and fringed southwestern apparel.

Slouch-style hobo bags with fringe are generally over-sized and roomy. The hobo fringe purse or handbag differs from a tote, in that it is crescent-shaped and designed with an adjustable shoulder strap. Hobo fringe hand bags are often made with denim, suede, leather or canvas material. The fringe may be sewn all throughout the bag or only on the bottom. These styles of fringe hand bags are typically designed to be worn for casual wear.

It is not uncommon to find all styles of fringe handbags and purses embellished with sequins, beads or embroidery. Many fringe bags are hand sewn by talented artisans and sold at fine boutiques. Some of these styles are clutches, meaning they are not made with a shoulder strap, because they are small enough to grasp in the hand. A fringed clutch purse is often used for formal or evening wear, and may hold cosmetics and a small wallet.

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