What Are the Different Types of Free Running Tricks?

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The different types of free running tricks a person might use depend a great deal upon the situation he or she is in and what is necessary to navigate a particular environment. Common moves, however, include names such as a “vault,” which can refer to just about any type of jump over an object. A “kong” or “monkey” is a jump over an object in which a person uses both hands to boost off of it. “Jumps” and “drops” often refer to free running tricks in which a person jumps from one location to another, frequently landing in a “roll.”

Free running tricks refer to those moves used by a free runner to pass through an area in a way that is both efficient and artistic or stylish. While there are a number of common moves or tricks that many free runners use, these are often meant as basic moves that someone can improve upon and change. Different names can also be used to refer to these free running tricks, including names in French and various nicknames in English.


One of the most common free running tricks is referred to as a “vault” and simply indicates that someone jumps over an object. If someone “vaults” a bar, then he or she typically runs at it and jumps over it. A “speed vault” is a move in which someone jumps over an object, but briefly places one hand upon it for stability as he or she passes over it without losing momentum.

This is somewhat similar to a move referred to as a “kong” or “monkey.” A “kong” involves someone running toward an object, usually a table or something similar, and jumping over it. As he or she does so, however, the person brings his or her legs parallel to the ground and places both hands flat upon the object. In a fluid movement, both legs are brought up between his or her arms and extended forward, as he or she pushes off of the object with his or her hands. This allows someone to continue moving and gain a slight boost to speed as he or she pushes off of it and lands on his or her feet.

Other free running tricks include “jumps” that typically involve someone jumping from one point to another. “Precision jumps” can be performed by someone stopping to see exactly where he or she wants to land, and jumping to that specific location. A jump from a great height is often called a “drop” and usually ends in a “roll” as the person lands. Rolling is used to help someone reduce the initial shock of the landing, and can allow an experienced free runner to drop from impressive heights without injury.

There are also some more specific free running tricks used to navigate through certain areas, which include “tic-tacs” or “wall kicks” and “cat leaps.” A “tic-tac” is a move in which someone jumps at the surface of a wall, and uses his or her foot to push off of that wall to reach a higher point. This is somewhat similar to a “cat leap” in which someone jumps at the surface of a wall, with the intention of grabbing onto the top edge of it. Using his or her feet on the wall, the person can push himself up and climb onto it.


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