What are the Different Types of Free Editing Software?

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Free editing software can potentially cover a wide range of different applications and programs, depending on the type of media that someone wishes to edit. This can range from audio or video editing programs that allow a user to quickly change and save sound and video files, to text editors that enable a user to create documents that can be used in a number of different applications. There are also picture editors that can allow a user to quickly and easily make simple changes to an image. Free editing software can also include game editors that allow users to create entirely new personal computer (PC) games or edit existing games to include new features and maps.

One popular type of free editing software is video editing software that allows a person to edit and create video files. These programs will often allow a user to composite multiple individual videos together into a new single video, and will often allow the user to add and alter audio as well. Audio editing software can also be included with these types of programs or available as a separate download. This type of free editing software will usually allow a user to make changes to a sound file such as a music or voice recording.


Free editing software can also include text editing programs that allow a user to type text and then easily edit and save what is typed. These will often include features that allow a person to quickly and easily copy and paste blocks of text, as well as change the font and text style used. There are also a number of popular free editing software programs that allow a user to make changes to pictures and similar images.

These programs usually allow a user to make simple changes to a photograph, such as altering the color balance or cropping an image. They can also be used to change an image between color and black and white, or to add effects such as blurs, grain, and glowing elements. This type of free editing software may be less sophisticated than expensive professional programs, but will still often allow a user to make significant changes to an image.

There are also PC game editing programs that allow users to make alterations to many popular games. These can be programs that are actually included with the game or purchased separately. This type of free editing software can allow players to make their own new levels for a game and then release those levels for download and enjoyment by other players. There are also programs that allow the graphics and physics engine used in a game to be utilized to create entirely new games, which can be freely distributed or even sold if a license for the editor is purchased by the game maker.


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