What Are the Different Types of Floor Mats?

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Kitchen mats, bath mats, welcome mats; you can find floor mats for nearly any use as well as any space. Do you need a mat to protect your flooring, to keep a rug from slipping, or to cushion your feet as you stand for long periods of time? Maybe you need a welcome mat or a floor mat to use while you exercise. Don't forget seasonal and holiday floor mats either. Since they are affordable, you can choose a different look for every occasion.

Each of these options is available and then some. Whatever your needs, you can find the highest quality mats for indoor and outdoor use, in a vast assortment of styles, materials and price ranges.

For outdoor use, you can always purchase an inexpensive welcome mat at your local super center, but did you know you can also have one custom made? You can design a mat that offers a sentiment or displays a picture, or one that incorporates your family name or initials. You can choose the color and texture as well as the design to inject some personality and style into your floor mats.


Maybe you prefer woven mats. They come in many textures including straw, rattan and sisal, and many are quite decorative as well as functional. For outdoor use, you can also choose a reversible patio mat that allows you to flip it over and use the other side when one side begins to look dirty or worn, or simply to change the look with changing moods or seasons.

Floor mats are also available in other materials, such as rubber, vinyl and foam. The first two types of floor mat work great in front of the kitchen sink or utility sink, or in front of the tub to protect your floors from drips of water or soap. Foam mats are perfect for exercising or for lying on the floor while watching TV.

You may even want to consider commercial style mats, such as anti-fatigue mats. Place one in front of the workbench in the garage, use one in the basement workshop, or use one in the laundry room where you stand to sort or fold clothes. There are many different, attractive designs to choose from, whether floor mats are necessary for comfort and surface protection, or if you simply want to add some interest to your home.


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