What are the Different Types of Fitness Equipment Jobs?

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Many people depend on using fitness equipment to meet their physical fitness goals. Fitness equipment can help a person exercise in ways not otherwise attainable without such machinery. As people become more interested in obtaining physical fitness, fitness jobs will begin to increase. In addition to fitness trainers and instructors, fitness equipment jobs are also important to the world of physical fitness. The different types of fitness equipment jobs can include retail sales, instructing and installation.

One of many fitness equipment jobs can be a fitness equipment salesperson. A salesperson may work in a retail store providing information to individuals interested in purchasing fitness equipment. He or she will need to do a great deal of research on the equipment being sold. This will be necessary to answer unsuspecting equipment questions. The individual may offer suggestions on the best type of equipment to purchase based on what the customer says he or she needs; once the selection is made, the salesperson will ensure that the equipment is delivered.


Individuals seeking fitness equipment jobs may elect to work as a fitness equipment instructor. Instructors may work in a gym demonstrating to individuals how the different machines work. The instructor may also teach equipment safety and review what should and should not be done while working out on the different types of equipment. Additionally, some large chain fitness equipment retail stores may hire instructors to demonstrate to customers how the different machines work on site. Instructors may also assist customers who wish to try out the machines themselves, giving close supervision.

Fitness equipment jobs may also include delivery drivers and installers. A delivery driver will be needed to deliver the equipment that is too large for customers to take home in their personal vehicle. An installer may be needed to install the equipment and make it ready for use. It is not uncommon for one person to serve both of these roles. For instance, a home gym installer may deliver the equipment and install the different pieces of equipment for a home gym.

When searching for fitness equipment jobs, it may be beneficial to go directly to the source. This may include visiting fitness equipment manufacturers, gyms and retail stores which sell fitness equipment. In most cases, a high school diploma is the least amount of education required to fulfill fitness equipment jobs. Positions in management may require an associate's or bachelor’s degree, although in many cases a combination of education and experience may be accepted.


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Post 3

@pastanaga - I've got a couple of pieces too, but I've been buying them off eBay. I make sure they are guaranteed and then, if I need to, I'll hire a fitness trainer for a couple of hours every now and then to help me learn how to use it effectively.

You can get some really cheap fitness equipment that way.

Post 2

I am slowly starting to build up a nice collection of fitness equipment. I've even managed to get a couple of pieces of kids fitness equipment for my daughter.

Most of the people who have come and installed the equipment have been very nice and knowledgeable, but I would still recommend making sure they are doing what looks like a good job. You don't want anything to go wrong with this kind of equipment.

And don't be afraid to ask them how to use it either.

Turn it all on and make sure it's going to work properly, before they leave, because if you don't it can be very annoying trying to get it replaced.

Post 1

I imagine there must also be chances for people to train in fitness equipment repair.

They seem like one of the rare household items you might get these days which are better off being repaired than replaced when something goes wrong.

After all, a decent set of fitness equipment costs a lot of money. Cheap gym equipment can be dangerous and just not very effective, so people generally spend quite a bit to get the better ones.

And unlike a TV or something, a good piece of fitness equipment isn't going to need to be upgraded with the latest model. Pretty much, they already know what works.

Barring a massive revolution in fitness, a weight machine is always going to work the same way.

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