What are the Different Types of Finance Management Jobs?

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There is a wide range of finance management jobs available across the finance industry. Finance management is a general term used to describe investing and tax sheltering activities. The goal of finance management is to minimize costs and maximize income generated through investments and purchases of different financial instruments. This is achieved through a combination of various investment tools, techniques, and strategies.

The different types of finance management jobs can be divided into four primary groups: sales, client services, account management, and account analysis. The qualifications and salary of these positions are quite varied, as are the responsibilities. Take time to learn about the different options and find the career that combines your skills and interests.

The sales aspect of finance management is typically organized through a network of financial advisers. The different products or investments available from the firm are marketed to clients through this network. Management of the staff team, tracking of activity levels, and communicating information about the products is the primary responsibility of the manager.


Client services finance management jobs are focused on maintaining existing clients, answering questions, and following instructions provided by clients. Client service management is essential to the ongoing profitability of the firm. The effort extended to engage a new client is not insignificant, and the return on investment is only realized when profits are generated on client investments. The amount of profit achieved is directly related to how long they remain a client and the total amount of funds invested with the firm.

Account management is the actual investing of the client’s funds in the market. There are many investment tools available, ranging from government bonds with a low rate of return to highly volatile derivatives. These positions typically have little direct contact with clients and are instead focused on complex trading and market activity.

Another core business function is account analysis. Finding the correct balance of risk and return is based on a combination of factors, ranging from client preferences to global market conditions. Huge, powerful computers are used to calculate the risk, predict market trends, and analyze account performance. This information is then used to adjust the investment portfolio to manage the risk and increase profitability.

All these different finance management jobs are focused on investments. However, they also include all the standard tasks of management. This includes recruitment, hiring, managing staff, discipline, and administration. In addition, many firms require the management teams to track activity, ensure compliance with policies, and provide support to staff where required.


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