What Are the Different Types of Filo Appetizers?

G. Wiesen

While there are many different variations of filo appetizers someone can prepare, a few particular types are common and easy to customize. Rolled items that use sheets of filo dough are quite simple to make and can include just about any type of filling, from vegetables to meat and cheese combinations. Pies can also be made using filo dough, and though large pies may work well as main dishes, appetizers can be created by making pies in smaller dishes or ramekins. There are also a number of filo appetizers that can be created using premade filo cups, typically filling the cups with different ingredients and baking them.


Some of the easiest and most common types of filo appetizers are those made by rolling the filo dough into a log. This is typically done by first laying out sheets of filo dough, which is extremely thin dough made in a way similar to puff pastry. Onto this dough, various ingredients are added to create a filling for the roll. This filling can include just about any combination of flavors that someone prefers. The filo dough is rolled up around the filling, baked, and then cut into pieces across the roll to create circular filo appetizers.

Filo dough can also be used to make pies, usually using several sheets of filo to create the crust, and small pies can make excellent filo appetizers. This is typically done using small dishes or ramekins, into the bottom of which several pieces of filo can be layered. Different types of filling can then be used in these pies, including both savory and sweet fillings to create different types of filo appetizers. The pies are then covered with more filo, or left open, and baked before being served as somewhat elegant appetizers.

There are also a number of ways in which filo appetizers can be made using premade filo cups. These cups are made from filo dough and are often available in grocery stores, usually frozen and shaped like small cups. Different types of fillings can then be placed in the cups, including different types of meats, cheeses, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. The cups are then placed in an oven to bake until the ingredients are heated through and the cups are baked to a light golden-brown, at which point these filo appetizers can be served as finger foods.

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