What Are the Different Types of Federal Business Opportunities?

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There are many benefits of working for the government, or public sector, just as there are in the corporate world, or private sector. Uncovering federal business opportunities can lead to a secure pension, health benefits, and job stability over the course of a career. Federal job opportunities range from information technology specialists to administrative assistants and project managers. Research professionals, real estate brokers, and transportation specialists represent other federal business opportunities.

A federal government can employ recent college graduates, military veterans, former government employees, and private workers. The benefits of pursuing a federal job often support a balanced lifestyle. In addition to health insurance and retirement benefits, a government job can provide child care coverage, telecommuting privileges, and facilitate both full-time and part-time hours. Subsidies for travel may also be available for the commuting employee. Federal business opportunities may also allow for sick days and vacation time and provide a life insurance policy based on the salary earned.

Federal procurement data system specialists are included among federal business opportunities. This U.S. government division has different departments, including research. The scope of the work in this government division is to examine how public tax dollars are allocated and report on those findings. Employees keep track of government contracts that are awarded and the amount of money paid for the services and are responsible for reporting that data to government officials and the public.


Just like in the private sector, government agencies need to manage employees. There are federal business opportunities in human resources, jobs that also extend to the local and state level. In this role, an employee is responsible for keeping pace with federal changes to hiring policies and potential federal programs supporting individual industries. Human resource professionals on the federal level must become involved with setting policy for other employees to follow in a government division, including the use of mobile phones while working, sick days, and vacation policies, as well as outlining any type of support that the employer can provide the employee relating to personal issues.

Federal business opportunities may also emerge in the real estate industry. The role of this professional may be to uncover potential office space in commercial buildings around the country. An employee may be assigned to a specific region, and there may be travel involved in uncovering commercial space. The process may include negotiating leases so that the space may be occupied by other federal departments.


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