What are the Different Types of Eyebrow Products?

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There are several different eyebrow products available on the market to keep brows groomed. Tweezers, eyebrow razors, and waxing kits are the most commonly used and can help to maintain the shape and beauty of one's brows. Other eyebrow products include fillers, grooming waxes, and bleaching kits.

Tweezers are used for eyebrow shaping and removing any unwanted hairs. Most beauticians recommend a small set with slanted tips. Unlike straight tipped tweezers, the angled variety is often more adept at grabbing individual hairs, thereby reducing the instances of over plucking. These eyebrow products can tame unruly or overly-full brows as well as provide separation between the eyebrows.

Eyebrow razors, among the most popular beauty tools, are made with a small, single blade attached to a long handle. These eyebrow products can remove hair from large areas or remove small sections of hair when used carefully. Eyebrow razors are usually best suited to remove stray hairs between the brows or to shorten very long hairs.

Waxing kits for eyebrows can remove large amounts of hair from the brow area. They typically provide longer lasting results than tweezers or razors and can completely alter the shape of a person's brows relatively quickly. Along with small waxing strips and a pot of wax, these kits usually provide templates for different brow shapes.


Popular eyebrow products among women also include pencil and powder brow fillers commonly sold in the cosmetics aisle. These can fill in overplucked or naturally thin brows, thereby providing better definition. Pencils come in a variety of colors and, when applied in small strokes, can mimic the appearance of natural brow hair. Eyebrow powders, typically applied with a short stiff angled brush, can provide the same effect. Powders often come in a wider range of colors than pencils and typically look more natural. They do not usually have the same staying power as pencil eyebrow products, however.

Eyebrow waxes are used to keep the hairs of the brows in place. Those with very long, thick, or slightly curly eyebrow hair can use wax to keep brows looking groomed and polished. These eyebrow products typically come in a small tin and are applied with either a small brush or fingers. There are also pencil versions of eyebrow wax, which can make application of the product mess-free. The wax is typically clear, although there are some that provide a light deposit of color.

For those who do not want to remove eyebrow hairs but still want to improve the shape of their brows, bleaching eyebrow products are available. These bleach kits are typically applied on the top of the eyebrow area. Removing hairs from the top of the brows can often lead to harsh, unnatural looking lines. By bleaching these hairs, the shape of the eyebrow is often improved and maintained, while still looking soft and natural.


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Post 3

Of all the eyebrow products, I think I use my eyebrow gel the most. Eyebrow gel tames thick brows. Mine are very thick and unruly and like to grow in different directions. So I use my eyebrow gel daily to make my brows look neat.

There are also colored eyebrow gels and eyebrow tints out there. I haven't tried them yet but they look like useful products.

Post 2

@ysmina-- I think they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Eyebrow razors are easy to use and painless but the brows grow very quickly. You also have to be careful not to cut yourself.

Both plucking and waxing are painful eyebrow hair removal methods but the advantage with both is that the eyebrows remain in shape for longer.

I personally have used tweezers for years. But sometimes, it's still painful. I also recommend using a stencil because a stencil will show you which hairs to remove and which to leave.

Post 1

I want to shape my brows but I have never done it before. Should I use tweezers or razors or should I wax? Which is the best and easiest to use?

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