What Are the Different Types of Eyebrow Designs?

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Eyebrow designs include the highly arched, softly angled, flat, and rounded eyebrow. There are also angled and curved eyebrow designs. The biggest difference between the various eyebrow designs is the shape, and each eyebrow design works best on a particular facial shape.

The highly arched brow follows a straight line up to the arch of the brow and creates high and angular lines. This design works best on a round face since it can create an illusion of length. some prefer a less severe shape, however, even on a round face, and opt for the softly angled brow.

Softly angled brows create a balance between vertical and horizontal lines. The angles of the brow are made less extreme when using this design. It works best on an oval face shape, and because the oval face is already balanced, this brow shape just frames and accentuates the eyes. There is no need to balance out any facial features unless the eyes are set too close or too far apart.

Flat eyebrow designs follow a nearly straight line to where the brow arches. The arch is created by narrowing the end of the brow from the top downwards instead of from the bottom. This design works best on long, as the horizontal lines of this brow design draw the eye outward instead of either up or down the face.


The rounded eyebrow has a very feminine, rounded arch. Using a lower arch with this brow shape can create a more natural look, whereas a higher brow can create an illusion of length and helps lengthen "short" faces. It works best on facial shapes where lines need to be softened or an illusion of height is needed. If someone has a heart-shaped face, rounded eyebrows can make the face appear longer, perfecting the heart shape.

Angled eyebrow designs use straight lines. The start of the brow follows a straight line to where the brow peaks and descends in a straight line as well. This is also one of the more horizontal-looking eyebrow designs, so its aim isn't to create height but to balance a strong jaw line or angular features.

Curved eyebrows differ from similar designs, such as the rounded eyebrow, because the inner edges of the brow extend upward slightly and the arches are quite high. The tip of this brow design is also higher than the start which is unusual since most eyebrow designs have inner and outer edges that are more or less parallel. This brow design works best on diamond-shaped faces because it can make the face seem longer and less wide.


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Post 3

@stoneMason-- That's a good question. I'm not an expert on this topic but it may play a role. For example, someone with a naturally thick, coarse eyebrow hair might want a thick, arched or straight eyebrow. Of course the direction of hair growth is also important.

But the thickness of eyebrow hair will not prevent someone from trying different eyebrow looks. Eyebrows can be made thinner and shorter with tweezers, eyebrow razors, trimming, waxing or threading. And fine, thin eyebrows can be thickened with the use of an eyebrow pencil, powder or even a semi-permanent tattoo. So hair thickness is not a very important factor when it comes to design in my opinion.

Post 2

Should the thickness or coarseness of hair play any role in deciding the eyebrow shape and design?

Post 1

I have a round face and had a highly arched eyebrow for several years. But after some time, I felt that the brows looked unnatural, and a little fake. So I changed my brows to a soft arch. This is actually my natural eyebrow shape so I let my eyebrows grow and remove only the excess hairs in the middle and underneath the brows. My brows naturally grow into the right shape.

Although there are many different type of eyebrow designs out there, I'm of the opinion that a design close to the natural shape of the eyebrows is best. I think we are already born with a brow shape that suits us. We just need to keep untamed hairs under control with minimum hair removal, trimming and shaping. That's all.

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