What are the Different Types of Erectile Dysfunction Vitamins?

One of the main concerns with taking prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction is the side effects associated with them. Vitamins are a natural alternative that some men turn to when they are trying to resolve their sexual performance issues. Some common erectile dysfunction vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and B complex. In addition to taking vitamins for erectile dysfunction such as these, many men also exercise. Taking erectile dysfunction vitamins is only part of the lifestyle and dietary changes that can be made to optimize sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction vitamins usually are very easy to obtain and can be found in local grocery stores or health food stores. Aside from lowering cholesterol, vitamin C can improve the way blood blood travels through the body. The antioxidant vitamin E can help clear the body of toxins that have built up and that contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Zinc is considered to be an especially important mineral in healthy sexual functioning. Semen is partly composed of zinc, and the mineral is also associated with the prostate gland. Having adequate amounts of zinc in the body can be a way to treat erectile dysfunction naturally. B complex vitamins can increase energy, contribute to healthy nerves, improve protein metabolism, balance hormone function, encourage blood circulation and add to stamina.

Exercise can do a lot to improve symptoms of sexual dysfunction. A sedentary lifestyle can be a major cause of sexual problems in men. Exercise helps improve blood circulation and energy levels, which are two things that are necessary for sexual performance. Engaging in regular physical activity is another free, natural and healthy way address erectile dysfunction.

If a man is suffering from libido problems, there might be vitamins that can help with that, too. Some people who take vitamin B12 report that they experience an increase in sex drive. This can be an avenue to pursue, if a man wants to elevate his desire for physical intimacy.

An advantage of taking erectile dysfunction vitamins is that they can help address vitamin deficiencies in the body that are already present. For example, many people don't get enough B vitamins through their diets alone. By taking B vitamins to improve sexual performance, men might also improve their overall health and general feeling of well-being. Of course, men who are interested in adding supplements to their diets should consult with their physicians before doing so. It's important to ensure that vitamins won't interact with prescription medications or negatively affect one's health.

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A great way to improve the overall look, function and feel of your penis is by using a penis health creme every day. A good creme will contain Vitamins A, D and E and will treat many issues down there. Check it out!

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@MikeMason-- I know what you mean. There is just a lot of information out there, at times supportive of each other and other times contradictory.

I don't want to confuse you more, but I have had improvement in my condition after I added niacin (vitamin B3) supplements to my diet.

Whether vitamins will work for erectile dysfunction or not mainly depends on what that person is in need of. If you have a deficiency in a vitamin, treating that will certainly help erectile dysfunction.

You might want to ask your doctor to do some blood tests for you to see if you have any deficiencies right now. If you do, you can start supplementing those first and then go from there.

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I'm confused about vitamins for erectile dysfunction. Some people say that it can be caused by a vitamin D deficiency. Others say that it has to do with vitamin B3 and vitamin E. Some say omega amino acids are important. And again others say that vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc are a must.

What am I supposed to do? Should I just take everything?

I honestly don't feel that taking all these vitamins will do me any good. I'm already eating a healthy and balanced diet.

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My husband doesn't have erectile dysfunction, but has a low sperm count and poor sperm quality. Vitamin C and Vitamin E were recommended to him by his doctor. I guess the vitamins beneficial for erectile dysfunction and fertility are basically the same.

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