What Are the Different Types of Environmental Specialist Jobs?

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There are a few different types of environmental specialist jobs. Specialists may work on projects that decrease pollution, often by recycling industrial waste or by helping industries use green energy sources. They can also monitor of pollutants and design and implement practices that help lower the level of pollutants in the environment. Factories, construction companies, and governmental organizations are some of the most common places to find environmental specialist jobs.

Some of the more common types of environmental specialist jobs are those found within factories. In this setting, an environmental specialist may examine the way the factory is run in order to determine whether it is creating too much pollution or waste. These specialists will then work with the factory in order to improve conditions and increase efficiency. The factory may employ these specialists full time or may hire an environmental specialist as an independent contractor.

It is also possible to find environmental specialist jobs outdoors, where the specialists work to minimize damage to the environment. Specialists may test samples of the air, water, or soil in order to determine what types of pollutants are found in them and where those pollutants are coming from. Once problem areas are identified, these specialists work to find solutions that protect the environment from damage without harming business or industry nearby. By working with local industries, these environmental specialists find solutions that decrease industrial impact on the environment and improve industrial practices.


Environmental specialists may also find jobs in construction companies or architectural firms. These jobs allow specialists to incorporate their knowledge and expertise into the actual design and construction of buildings. Designing an environmentally friendly factory or power plant from the ground up requires similar skills to those needed by specialists who retrofit existing buildings, though it also requires a good grasp of drafting and architectural drawing. Specialists may also monitor construction to make sure their designs are being followed.

Aside from these types of jobs, there are also environmental specialist jobs that focus on the protection of food and water sources. These jobs are crucial to public health. Specialists with these positions may ensure that the environmental conditions within a food processing plant are safe and do not allow food to become contaminated. They may also work with farmers, water treatment plants, and industries located near food and water sources to make sure that pollutants are kept away from food and water.


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