What Are the Different Types of Enterprise Architect Jobs?

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An enterprise architect is someone with a highly specialized computer engineering job. The types of architecture jobs typically include data architects, solution architects, large-scale distribution architects, and business architects. Each of these enterprise architect jobs requires significant training and experience in a specific field. The architect is responsible for designing and managing the technical aspects of a computer system.

A data architect generally is called upon to designs large databases. This person has extensive experience in database theory and design. A data architect helps a business create analytical reports that can help determine how a company is performing.

Solutions architects are system engineers who specialize in a products or programming language. This architect understands the nuances of a particular software tool. A solutions architect is essential for companies that use specialized software.

Large organizations typically use extensive programs that are distributed around the world. This type of software requires an enterprise architect who is well versed in distributed technologies. A large-scale distribution architect has extensive experience with distributed networks and software protocols. These types of enterprise architect jobs typically involve working with large-scale Java® or Microsoft Windows® technologies.

Human factors architects design and build graphical screens for computer programs. These enterprise architect jobs require a deep understanding of how to make computer screens easy to use. Having this type of architect on a team helps to ensure an application is more usable.


People who have technical enterprise architect jobs specialize in operating systems, networks, and hardware. This type of architect helps an organization build computer components that can support thousands of users. A technical architect must understand many facets of information technology, which makes him a very well-rounded engineer.

Architecture is job that requires many years of experience. A typical architect will have at least 10 years experience in his particular specialty. These people have experience building highly complex computer systems. This position is extremely valuable to an organization and is typically well compensated.

A software architect is an advanced programmer who understands how to build complex software. He typically specializes in only a few programming languages, which gives him a deep understanding of the nuances of a specific language. These types of enterprise architect jobs are hard to fill because they require a specialized skill.

Enterprise architects are well versed in software architecture patterns and automated design tools. He is typically an expert with architecture graphic tools and design principles. The enterprise architect is well versed with unified markup language (UML) as well as architecture design patterns. This helps him create documentation that is easy for the business to understand.


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