What Are the Different Types of Energy Industry Jobs?

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Energy production requires an enormous amount of effort on behalf of many different individual professions. Individuals pursuing energy industry jobs might be suited for oil and gas drilling or ensuring that the these natural resources are transported properly via pipelines and other conduits. In addition to traditional energy, there are roles that are filled in the alternative energy arena, including but not limited to developing and installing renewable energy systems for solar power. Combined, these two segments of the industry provide global opportunities to professionals.

Jobs in the fossil fuel sector where oil and gas are accessed are sometimes in stark competition to alternative energy careers. Both types of energy industry jobs remain in demand, but certain economic conditions improve the prospects for each type at different times. When fossil fuel prices are rising, for instance, the prospects for alternative power often appear more attractive. Declining oil and gas prices tend to remove some urgency from alternative energy production, but the industry continues to grow regardless.

The oil services sector is made up of oil and gas drilling companies. Professionals in this industry may drill for resources on land, in rocks, or under water. The possibilities for energy industry jobs in this segment are limited only by where oil and gas can be found. Offshore drilling entails working out on an oil rig that is planted in the ocean and extends above sea level.


Oil and gas drillers face danger from the heavy and high-pressure equipment that is used. Also, severe weather conditions threaten production on oil rigs and cause workers to evacuate at times. Explosions have rocked the industry amid extreme weather or equipment malfunction, underscoring the danger that is inherent with these energy industry jobs.

When additional oil and gas reserves are located in a region, the opportunity often introduces new energy industry jobs to that location. Experienced professionals are called upon to recover the oil and gas reserves and optimize the amount of resources present. In addition to operating mechanical machinery, professionals are needed to transport the oil and gas to some central location or port where the reserves might be refined and then transported via pipelines, vehicles, or ships to other cities and regions.

Solar power is a segment of alternative energy that increasingly presents employment opportunities. Skilled workers in this nascent field are especially utilized and appreciated, and so obtaining key industry training and job experience are beneficial. Industry professionals are used for research and development tied to the proliferation of solar power in addition to installing equipment including solar panels. Sales opportunities also exist in solar power.


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