What Are the Different Types of Email Marketing?

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Different types of email marketing include newsletters, promotional announcements, reminders and informational emails. The business should determine the purpose of the campaign and then choose the appropriate email type that serves this need. Each of these email marketing types serves a different purpose and requires careful consideration. For instance, informational emails provide members of the database with useful information on a topic that interests them with the purpose of keeping the company name fresh in their minds.

Newsletters are a popular form of email marketing that provides a business's database members with regular updates about the business, products, services and other news. The main purpose of this type of marketing campaign is to keep the business name fresh in the minds of consumers so when the times comes to make a purchase, they will think of them. It can also be used to generate sales when announcing a new product or service, or even special events or promotions.

The promotional type of email marketing focuses on trying to gain immediate sales. This type of email generally includes sales content and notifies database members of new products, services, promotions or special events to encourage immediate action. This email type can also feature information about product upgrades, fixes and added features that may encourage those who were hesitant before to consider closing a sale.


Reminders are an increasingly popular type of email marketing campaign. These types of emails can be sent because a customer left items in his online shopping cart without checking out, his service contract is about to expire or because he will need a replacement product soon, for instance. These emails are generally straight to the point, with sales copy directed to the specific needs of the individual's situation. For instance, if a person joined a club almost a year ago, the organization may email a reminder for registration renewal. This reminder can include a list of reasons why the member should renew, a list of upcoming events and news about future member benefits.

Informational email marketing provides a business's database members with information on topics that interest them, with the main purposes of increasing name recognition and confirming its position as an industry leader. For example, as marketing for Internet hosts is saturated with high competition levels, a hosting company might send out periodic emails to its subscribers that include tips and news to help them with their websites. If this information is useful, subscribers will be more likely to remain with them since they recognize the company as being knowledgeable, sensitive to their needs and communicative.


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