What Are the Different Types of Elephant Decor?

Alex Tree

There are many different types of elephant decor, including elephant paintings by elephant artists, nursery decor like wall borders and stickers, and elephant sculptures. The profits of elephant paintings made by trained elephants are often used in elephants' benefit. Elephants can also decorate a child’s room in sticker form. Sculptures of elephants are particularly common and can be functional rather than simple decor. In addition, long tusks sculpted to look like an elephant’s tusks are sometimes mounted above a fireplace mantel.

An elephant.
An elephant.

Painting of elephants, sometimes even made by elephants, are one type of elephant decor. Many artists take the time to illustrate the largest land animal on Earth, so there is no shortage of elephant paintings. In addition, some elephants that live in captivity have been taught to paint. Some are allowed to express their creativity by painting whatever pleases them, while others are taught to paint specific things, like elephants and trees. Purchasing this kind of elephant decor from a zoo often helps elephant conservation.

Elephant nursery decor is a common theme used for a baby’s room. This kind of elephant decor is usually pale in color, with pastel pink and blue being particularly common. The elephants might be wall decor, painted onto the furnishings, or stuffed animals for decoration or the baby’s playtime. Sometimes animals in nursery decor more closely resemble humans, so it is not unusual for elephant decor to show the elephants walking on two legs or wearing a hat.

Some people decorate their homes with elephant sculptures. Such sculptures can be made from many materials, including plastic, wood, and glass. Size also varies, with some sculptures being small enough to place on a shelf, while others can be used as door-stoppers or other floor decor. Elephant bookends are another example of functional elephant decor. This kind of elephant decoration is one of the most versatile.

Another kind of popular elephant decor is a part of the animal itself. The tusks of an elephant often serve as inspiration for sculptures that are painted to look real and then sold. In many countries around the world, it is not legal to participate in the ivory trade, so people buy fake tusks instead. The ivory trade is the buying and selling of ivory tasks, usually from elephants, but walruses and narwhals are not exempt. By not purchasing the real tusks to use as elephant decor, people help elephant conservation efforts.

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