What are the Different Types of Education Grants?

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There are a wide variety of education grants available for students, educators, and institutions. Education grants are also available to homeschoolers and their instructors. A number of websites and publications list education grants each year, providing information about the amount of each grant, the requirements for applicants, and the application process. Money for almost anything imaginable is available, for those who are willing to hunt for it, whether a teacher wants to use grant money to pay plane fare for a student trip, or an institution wants to upgrade its computer labs.

For students, education grants are available to help students pay for their education or for materials related to their education. Through high school, students can access education grants to pay for school supplies, cover activity fees, pay for field trips, buy necessary technology such as calculators and computers, and so forth, with such grants usually being provided on the basis of economic need or scholastic performance. For college students, education grants to defray the cost of tuition and other expenses are available. These grants may be provided to people from a particular background, people with economic need, or accomplished scholars.


Educators can access education grants for equipment and materials. Teachers can apply for grants to pay for classroom supplies, or to buy more advanced equipment, such as laptops for students, scientific instruments for a science classroom, and so forth. Grants are also provided for activities. An instructor who wants to start an anti-bullying program, promote environmental consciousness, grow a class garden, or engage in other activities can often obtain grant money to help pay for the program.

Institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities have access to education grants which can be used to upgrade facilities and equipment, and to pay for more faculty and staff. These grants range from donations of funds and materials to upgrade computer labs to endowments for faculty who teach in specific areas. Schools embarking on activities such as community service initiatives can also find grant funds to help put these programs in motion.

Governments, private funds, charitable organizations, corporations, community organizations, and alumni associations are all sources for education grants. Websites which provide resources for finding grants often have a number of parameters which people can set to find grants they will be eligible for. For example, a teacher who wants to organize a class trip to a location of historical interest could search for grants for educators which provide funds for activities related to history. If the teacher works with at-risk students, another parameter could be selected to display grants available to educators who work with at-risk youth, and so forth.


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