What Are the Different Types of Easy French Desserts?

Lori Kilchermann

Easy French desserts range from simple creme brulees to more exotic creamy mascarpone and strawberry trifle. Fruits play a big role in French cooking and are the key ingredients in peach, apricot and strawberry shish kebabs and exotic fruit saute with ginger and honey. Rice pudding, flan and crepes are also easy French desserts.

Creme brûlée is a fairly popular French dessert that is also quite easy to make.
Creme brûlée is a fairly popular French dessert that is also quite easy to make.

Crepes are easy French desserts made from flour, milk and eggs. The crepes are fried and then filled with assorted fillings, such as fresh fruits, whipped cream and ice cream. A crepe is traditionally folded into quarters to be served, but it also can be served rolled up, similar to a tortilla.

Papaya is a popular fruit in French desserts.
Papaya is a popular fruit in French desserts.

Rice pudding is one of the fastest and most versatile easy French desserts to make. The pudding's main ingredients include milk, vanilla and rice. It takes about five minutes to make the dessert, and then it can be cooled or served warm. Rum, raisins and cherries can be added before serving, or chopped fruit can be stirred into the pudding. For more versatility, rice pudding can be served in individual dishes or one large dish.

Creamy mascarpone and strawberry trifle is one of many easy French desserts featuring cheese. It combines mascarpone cheese with milk and sugar. Strawberries are combined with honey and vinegar, then alternately layered with the cheese mixture. The trifle is topped off with honey and vinegar sauce. For variety, other types of berries can be combined with the strawberries.

Fruits play a starring role in many easy French desserts. Exotic fruit saute with ginger and honey features assorted fruits, such as mango, banana and papaya. The dish is topped with vanilla bean seeds and mixed with honey. Optional dark rum can be added to flambe the dish, if desired, and it can also be served with sorbet.

For summertime flair, peach, apricot and strawberry shish kebabs can be made on a grill covered with aluminum foil. The fruit is placed on skewers, covered with melted butter and rolled in granulated sugar. The shish kebabs can be served warm with ice cream.

Creme brulee is one of the more popular easy French desserts and is made with heavy cream, egg yolks and sugar. It can be flavored with beans, zest or extracts. Far Breton is a prune flan made with pitted prunes, flour and sugar. It also features egg, milk and rum and is baked until the filling is firm.

Some easy French desserts are baked in electric irons or irons which are held over a flame. French cookies are made with dark brown sugar, eggs and butter. The dough is made ahead of time and refrigerated overnight. It is then shaped into balls and cooked in a galette iron or waffle iron.

Fruit sauté can be topped with vanilla bean seeds mixed with honey.
Fruit sauté can be topped with vanilla bean seeds mixed with honey.

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Even if you don't have time to make (French) desserts, rice pudding is always the way to go. Anyone can make it, and if you have have all the right ingredients, it takes little to no time.

However, some of the trickier desserts, such as creme brulee, might take a bit more skill. However, that doesn't mean it's particularly difficult. Surprisingly, many French desserts are rather easy to make, which the article also states.


@Chmander - You make a very good point. Also, I think it would be best if you were to do some research on five star restaurants in America, as that's where I've tend to looked before. French desserts can be very expensive, and you won't find any "chain" restaurants, unlike say, Panda Express or Olive Garden.

Also, I'm pretty impressed by this article. It does a great job at giving some examples of French desserts, and it's a really nice variety that deviates from the generic desserts of cookies, cakes, and pies.


Does anyone known where I can order some French desserts at restaurants? Generally speaking, I don't see them at many American restaurants. Now that you mention it, maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. After all, there are restaurants of all sorts in America, such as Italian and Chinese restaurants.

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