What Are the Different Types of DVD Computer Software?

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While there are different ways in which a digital versatile disc (DVD) can be used with DVD computer software, most programs are designed to either read from or write to such a DVD. Media player programs are often created to access different types of media, such as audio and video files, stored on a DVD and play them properly. There are also a number of programs designed to allow a computer user to burn data, usually files or media content, onto a DVD for storage or future playback. Some DVD computer software is designed to help edit and alter different file types for better use with DVDs, especially for playback in DVD players.

DVD computer software typically refers to any kind of software designed for use with DVDs in some way. Many of these programs are created to help access data that is stored on a DVD, usually media files for playback of audio or video. Such DVD computer software programs can be used to view media content on a DVD through a computer. These programs often provide various options for navigating the files on the disc, such as chapter indications and navigation as well as menu displays.


Other DVD computer software is developed for use in burning or writing information onto a DVD, using a DVD burner connected to a computer. These programs can function in a number of different ways, and may be as simple as programs that allow files to be copied onto a virtual disc prior to burning on the actual disc. More complex DVD computer software may allow computer users to edit files before burning them to a DVD, especially media files that can be edited together prior to burning.

Some DVD computer software is created to assist with even more complex preparation of files to be burned onto a DVD. This type of software can allow the computer user to utilize multiple files and assign chapters to them, or break a longer file down into individual chapters that can be navigated through a menu on the DVD. Such programs allow a home computer user to create a DVD that is similar to a professional film on DVD, with menus, numbered chapters, and even multiple audio tracks. These kinds of DVD computer software can be provided with a DVD burner, or may be found for use on the Internet either for a licensing fee or as freeware that can be downloaded and used freely.


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