What are the Different Types of DUI Probation Violation?

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There are several types of driving under the influence (DUI) probation violations. Violations may include failing to show up for court-appointed meetings with a probation officer, failing to attend any court-appointed meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous or counseling sessions, or repeating the original or another criminal offense. Any of these things can result in a follow-up trial and potential jail time for offenders.

One type of DUI probation violation is a failure to meeting with one's probation officer. At set intervals, offenders are generally required to have face to face meetings with a police officer assigned to their case. This meeting usually consists of the officer checking in with the person to find out if other stipulations of the probation arrangement are being met. Alcohol or drug testing may also be required at random meetings, as well as drop-in meetings in the offender's home by a court-appointed officer or another official.

Another type of DUI probation violation involves the failure to attend any court-appointed meetings with a counselor, group therapy sessions, or other helpful groups or meetings deemed necessary. Many DUI offenders are ordered to attend 12-step meetings. Some are also mandated to attend driving school. Occasionally they are required to do community service rather than jail time. Missing any of these things is a violation of the probation terms and could result in additional sentencing.


The most serious form of DUI probation violation is if the offender repeats the crime or commits another offense. Driving under the influence or drug charges are two of the most common for these offenders, although any offense could send the person to jail. The severity of punishment may depend on many factors.

Sometimes a DUI probation violation can be excused under certain circumstances. If illness or another unavoidable condition causes the violation, a judge or officer may excuse it. In some cases an offender will be given several chances before being sent to trial or jail. Leniency depends on the judge residing over each case, the officer assigned to the case, and reasoning behind each violation.

Many times, those convicting of DUI have their driver's licenses revoked or suspended. Being caught driving without a license is another offense common amongst those with DUI charges against them. Depending on the location and circumstances, this crime could result in jail time, fines, or a long probation sentence.


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