What are the Different Types of Dry Skin Moisturizers?

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There are a number of different kinds of moisturizer that are used to treat dry skin. The differences in these kinds of moisturizers are usually based on what part of the body the moisturizer is intended for and if the dry skin moisturizer is also intended to treat any other skin conditions such as acne, signs of aging, or rosacea. There are dry skin moisturizers that are intended for use specifically on the feet, on the hands, or both. There are other moisturizers that can be used all over the body. Finally, there are also kinds of moisturizers for dry skin that are meant to be used just on the face and neck.

Some skin conditions can be treated along with dry skin. There are a number of kinds of dry skin moisturizers that are formulated so that the skin's suppleness, firmness, and elasticity is improved while the dry skin is treated. Other dry skin moisturizers help to fade age spots. There are also moisturizers that can work to improve the condition of dry skin while also helping to reduce breakouts and fight acne.


When it comes to dry skin moisturizer for the face, it is common for skin care companies to sell one kind of moisturizer that is meant to be worn during the day and another kind of moisturizer that can be worn at night. Dry skin moisturizers for the day are usually a bit lighter and are meant to keep the skin hydrated but not oily. These are usually formulated so that they can be worn under makeup without causing the cosmetics to cake or run. Dry skin moisturizers for night are usually a bit thicker because they are applied to the face before bed and the wearer doesn't have to worry about her skin becoming too shiny or the moisturizer interfering with her makeup.

There is also a range of intensities when it comes to dry skin moisturizers. There are some very intense dry skin moisturizers that are almost as thick as paste that are meant for extremely dry skin that might also be cracked or chapped. There are even prescription-grade dry skin moisturizers for people who are suffering from severe or chronic dry skin. There is also quite a range when it comes to the price of dry skin moisturizers. Some that are available in pharmacies and drug stores are quite affordable, while there are also boutique brands that are quite pricey.


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Post 2

A guy I used to work with got old-fashioned chilblains on his hands when the weather turned cold! I told him about this cream that my mom used on my dad's feet and their very flaky, dry skin. It worked wonders for my dad, so I suggested to my co-worker.

He tried it and really liked it. On his wife's suggestions, he would wash his hands in warm water, pat them dry, apply the cream and wear gloves overnight. The cream really helped him. He had been getting terrible cracked skin on his knuckles and this stuff did help him. He said it took a while to get used to the gloves, but he appreciated how much they helped!

Post 1

My skin has gotten dry as I've gotten older, and I use a moisturizer especially for dry, sensitive skin. It has a collodial oatmeal formulation and I've really liked it.

I like a cream moisturizer that isn't too heavy. Some of them can be really greasy, which is nearly as annoying as the dry skin, when my hair sticks to my face!

I shower at night, so my first task when getting out of the shower is to moisturize, while my pores are still open from the hot water. It seems to work well for me. My skin looks pretty good.

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