What Are the Different Types of Dreadlocks Products?

Amanda R. Bell

There are several different dreadlocks products on the market that can help to start or maintain locks. Specialty waxes and creams can be used to either lock the hair or smooth existing locks, depending on a person’s hair texture. Shampoos that leave behind little to no residue are often marketed as dreadlocks products, as the ingredients in traditional cleansers can often make it difficult for hair to initially lock or stay locked. For those looking to create dreadlocks, products such as specialized teasing combs or lock accelerators are available to make the process easier.

Specialized shampoos for dreadlocks.
Specialized shampoos for dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks waxes are used to start dreadlocks or style existing dreads in those who have naturally coarse hair. Quality waxes can smooth the outside of a dread when starting it without preventing the hair from locking up. These waxes typically contain all natural ingredients, and do not petroleum, which can cause hair to slip out of the style. The dreadlocks waxes can also be used to maintain existing locks, although they can be too heavy for those with fine hair.

Dreadlocks products are available to help start and maintain the hairstyle.
Dreadlocks products are available to help start and maintain the hairstyle.

Creams can also be used as dreadlocks starters or for maintaining the locks. Those with very coarse hair often choose creams when starting locks, as their hair does not require the heaviness of wax to encourage the dreads to form. These creams are also one of the primary dreadlocks products used for styling. They often contain moisturizing ingredients and nutrients to keep the locks strong, prevent breakage, and encourage healthy growth at the scalp.

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In order for hair to lock properly, it has to be kept as clean as possible, as any buildup of product or residue can prevent tight knotting. One of the most common dreadlocks products are specialized shampoos that rinse clean from the hair, leaving little to no buildup. This is essential when starting locks, as the hair needs to be as clean as possible to lock tightly. It is also important when caring for dreadlocks as a buildup of product in the hair can cause existing locks to loosen and prevent the hair at the scalp from locking as it grows.

Specialized combs that can withstand the heavy backcombing needed to start locks are also common dreadlocks products. These combs are often made of metal or natural bristles closely packed together, making it easier to backcomb hair tightly enough to create dreads. Locking combs are almost never made of plastic, as the teeth can break during the process of creating dreadlocks.

Locking accelerators aid in tightening up existing dreadlocks or encouraging new dreads to hold. They work by opening up the shaft of the hair, increasing the friction between each individual strand, which encourages knotting that aids in the development of tighter locks. While these dreadlocks products can be drying, they can help dreads to reach maturity much more quickly when used properly.

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