What are the Different Types of Door Gates?

Alex Tree

Door gates are available in many styles, heights, and materials to suit a variety of purposes. Baby gates and dog gates, for example, are commonly placed to keep children and pets in or out of a room. This type of gate is often collapsible and usually adjustable so it can fit almost any doorway. Another type of door gate is a security gate, which can prevent a thief from accessing the door to a home or business. This gate is sometimes both adjustable and collapsible, though having neither of these capabilities is not unusual.

A pet gate fits across a hallway or doorway to limit a pet's access to a specific area.
A pet gate fits across a hallway or doorway to limit a pet's access to a specific area.

A baby gate is positioned in a doorway between two rooms to prevent a child from gaining entry to another room. Normally, the gate is about 2 to 3 feet (0.6 to 0.9 m) high and can expand to about the same length. Baby gates are often cushioned to prevent injuries caused by the baby or young child playing near, pulling on, or biting the gate. This type of gate is rarely meant to be installed permanently because children usually outgrow the need of a baby gate. Instead, the gate stays securely in place by applying pressure to both sides of the doorway, though this can damage the wall if screwed in too tightly.

Dog gates are very similar to baby gates, though they are rarely cushioned. Also secured by pressure, door gates for dogs are normally used to prevent, or at least discourage, a dog from entering the next room. Short gates can usually be jumped by even small dogs, so dog gates are not a foolproof way of keeping dogs in a certain room. Extra tall dog gates, which are usually around 3.5 feet (1 m) in height, are designed for dogs that are not deterred by the average door gate. It is usually possible to train the dog not to jump a gate, however.

Unlike pet or baby gates, security gates are usually designed to fit the entire door. The last of the different kind of door gates, they are often made of steel and have at least one lock. These types of door gates are either collapsible or permanent, with the permanent variety usually being more expensive. Security doors are normally meant to provide more security to a storefront, the garage entry of a home, or other places with a higher than average risk of break-ins. Sometimes, baby gates are also called security gates, though they have a much different appearance and function.

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