What Are the Different Types of Domestic BPO Jobs?

D. Nelson

Domestic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs vary depending on the services a BPO company provides. BPO jobs in the Information Technology (IT) sector, for example, might include computer programmers and even system implementation project managers. Domestic BPO jobs in the financial sector, on the other hand, might include representatives who perform financial transactions and analysts who study business intelligence. Aside from individuals who perform business process tasks, there also are jobs for those who recruit and manage employees, as well as for professionals who communicate with client businesses.

BPO jobs may be found in the IT industry.
BPO jobs may be found in the IT industry.

Executives contract BPO services when they find that they can save money by hiring a third party to perform business processes. In some cases, executives use BPO services when they must complete projects quickly. They also use these services to complete daily tasks, such as data entry and customer service. When BPO is domestic, an outsourcing business is serving a client business that is located within in the same country.

Most domestic BPO jobs are for those who perform actual business processes. BPO services that provide customer service functions might answer phones or respond to requests placed on the Internet. BPO professionals who serve insurance companies, for instance, might file claims that are forwarded to professionals who work for client businesses.

It also is common to find domestic BPO jobs in the IT industry. Client businesses often do not have the budget necessary to pay for in-house IT services. Owners of smaller businesses, in particular, might not have the need for full time IT services. Instead, they might hire local third party IT services to perform tasks as common as troubleshooting and security upgrading, as well as tasks as large as management of software implementation.

As in any industry, many domestic BPO jobs are in the field of management. These professionals are in charge of overseeing all operations within a BPO company. An important responsibility of these professionals is to see that workers are meeting the needs of their clients.

Some of the most important domestic BPO jobs are in recruitment. In a field such as IT, for example, a BPO company can afford only to hire the most talented and qualified IT professionals. For this reason, recruiters must find employees who have the skills and knowledge to perform a number of different IT functions. Likewise, it also is important for recruiters to find workers who are dedicated and who may be available to take work at a moment's notice.

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