What Are the Different Types of DIY Car Projects?

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DIY car projects range from simple maintenance to more in-depth repairs or upgrades, depending on the person's skill levels. Some people may be limited in what they can do for a car project by the skills they possess as well as the tools to which they have access. Engine work, for example, can be quite difficult and will require specialty tools, while a DIY car project such as changing the oil can be quite simple and requires little in the way of tools. Installing radios or CD players are other projects that are fairly easy and require few or no specialty tools.

Changing the oil is perhaps the most common DIY car project done by car owners. It is not difficult, but a trip to the auto parts store will be necessary, as will some knowledge of the process. The car owner will need to find out how much oil he or she needs, as well as what type of oil. This information can often be found in the car owner's manual. It is a good idea to change the air filter when doing an oil change, and changing the oil filter is essential. The car owner will need an oil pan to complete this DIY car project, as well as the right size wrench to loosen the oil drain plug.


Installing new radios or CD players is not necessarily a difficult DIY car project, but it will require a bit of research to find out which wires need to be connected to the wires already in the vehicle. It is also very important to disconnect the car battery before working on any electrical systems in the automobile. An aftermarket stereo or CD player can usually be installed fairly easily and with minimal tools. Wire connectors will be necessary to properly complete the job, as will wire strippers and cutters.

Rotating the tires is an important DIY car project that helps prevent excessive or uneven wear on the tires. It will require three to four jack stands to get the automobile up off the ground, since all four tires will need to come off. This process can be done with two jacks, though the process can be more difficult this way. A professional hydraulic lift is the easiest way to complete this job, though it may be difficult to access such equipment without paying significant rental fees at an automobile garage.


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Post 2

My friend is amazing at setting up car audio and he has set up some pretty amazing rigs before. There is two parts to it, the way it sounds and the way it looks. Lots of people are good at one thing or another but my boy is a master of them both.

I remember this rig he set up in a really nice looking escalade. The bass dropped like a plane crash but the escalade still had all its seats and storage capacity. He had made these custom cabinets for the speakers that blended right in to the interior design of the truck. It was slick. He's done all kinds of crazy stuff like that. I'm saving up my cash to get him to build me a system.

Post 1

My first car was an 88 Buick regal. It was in pretty good shape but it had 188,000 miles on it and I knew that I would be the last person to ever own that car. I was 16 and didn't much care how it looked so I invited all of my friends to draw all over the dash when they were sitting in the passenger seat.

I would draw on the steering wheel sometimes at red lights. I had a lot of artistic friends and eventually the dash was completely covered in some amazing drawings. My parents hated it but that was part of the appeal. Eventually we started painting on the dash and on the seats and

the car got pretty psychedelic.

My sister actually ended up rear ending someone while she was driving it and that was the end of the regal. It was a good run while it lasted and probably better that it was retired before it got completely freaky inside.

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