What Are the Different Types of Distribution Center Jobs?

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Organizations offer a wide variety of distribution center jobs. Jobs may include those that help coordinate the movement of products, such as pickers, packers, and order processors and those that handle office duties to keep the company operating smoothly. This can include positions in accounting, marketing, and various administrative support positions.

Companies such as catalog retailers and parts distributors utilize warehouses to store inventory until customers or suppliers place an order. The distribution center normally consists of general office space attached to warehouse space. Operations generally include a large area for storage of products, conveyor belts, and loading and unloading docks to help move product from one part of the warehouse to a final destination.

Distribution center jobs related to picking an item for inclusion in an order are at the heart of the many basic distribution center jobs and opportunities. Positions as a picker involve reading an order and locating the product for placement with an order. Some distribution centers will have pickers put together an entire order, while others will have pickers assigned to a specific range of products to place on a conveyor belt for inclusion in orders at a later point.


Packers are another option for those looking for distribution center jobs. They are responsible for placing items in a final shipment box, verifying the order is accurate, and placing the shipment paperwork in place for shippers. Some packers will complete the process by affixing the shipping label on the package.

Order processors typically work in the office portion of a distribution center. They handle customer phone calls and enter order details into the company’s computer system. Distribution center jobs in order processing typically require customer service and data entry experience. These jobs are also sedentary positions, unlike other positions located in the warehouse.

Front office accounting positions are also available at distribution centers. These positions help with the invoicing of customers and suppliers and are an integral part of the efficient and profitable operation of the distribution center. Jobs include those as an accounts receivable or an accounts payable clerk. Other front office positions available in a typical distribution center environment include those related to sales and marketing and those related to supporting various departments, such as positions as an administrative assistant.

Those looking for distributions center jobs should also consider other possibilities. This includes positions related to quality assurance and inventory control. Additional options include positions as a forklift operator or shipping clerk.


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