What are the Different Types of Dispute Resolution Training?

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There are as many different types of dispute resolution training as there are types of conflict. Professional training for dispute resolution is available for paralegals, counselors, and mediators. Professional conflict mediators can be called upon to assist with dispute resolution in the family, business environment, as well as in educational institutions.

Paralegal degree programs offer one of the most common types of dispute resolution training. These programs are offered at universities and colleges around the world. Some programs are even offered online for those seeking at-home education in their spare time. The courses are designed to prepare the student for professional dispute resolution, either general or specialized.

Counselors and psychologists undergo dispute resolution training because a key element of their scope of practice is resolving conflict. These courses are also offered at various education institutes. This particular type of conflict resolution training is generally centered around relational conflicts, such as with family members. Counselors are trained to educate lay people to better their communication skills, improve their relationships, and resolve disputes peacefully and productively.

Dispute resolution training for professional mediators is a popular alternative to the court system. This training is similar to paralegal training, but is more specialized to conflict mediation. These professionals are trained in a wide field of conflicts and resolution techniques and are often a cost-effective alternative to more formal methods of dispute resolution.


Dispute resolution training for families is an ever-growing industry. As psychological awareness increases, so does the market for better parenting and relationship training. This training equips counselors with skills to facilitate communication within families so they eventually have the tools to manage conflicts independently at home. Dispute resolution training for families can be hugely beneficial for the parents' relationship to each other, parent-child relationships, and sibling relationships.

Another popular type of dispute resolution training exists for businesses. This kind of training comes in a variety of forms. Some trainers are available to give an entire office or corporation a series of seminars or conferences designed to educate employees about conflict resolution policies and improve professional relationships through communication skills. Training may also be offered to designated officers within a company, who can be called upon when future conflicts arise.

Dispute resolution training for schools is also popular. This kind of conflict resolution often combines business and counseling techniques because of the combination of professional relationships between teachers and staff, as well as the more sensitive conflicts between students. Many schools train groups of students in conflict resolution skills who can then help their peers resolve disputes.


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