What are the Different Types of Day Planners?

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While many people are perfectly comfortable using electronic organizers, there are just as many people who still prefer to have a day planner to record their daily appointments and projects on paper. Some people even take advantage of both. What’s nice about day planners is there are many different types that cater to different organizational needs and no batteries are required.

Day planners come in various sizes ranging from pocket-sized to book-sized. Though you can get them in a variety of styles and colors, the outside appearance is merely a matter of preference. They may be leather, vinyl, or even canvas and may or may not contain pockets for holding credit cards, business cards, photos and other odds and ends. These particular features should be considered, but the important features lie within the pages themselves.

The pages of most day planners are bound by three or more rings. The pages are typically separated by tabbed sections for keeping specific types of information separated and easy to find. For example, there may be a section for notes, a section for projects or things to do, and another section for an address book. The sections contained within each planner vary greatly, but most have space for recording any information you would like to carry with you.


The calendar is the most essential feature of any day planner. The calendar may be laid out to view an entire month, a week, or a day at a time. To keep yourself organized, decide which view works best for you. Flip through the pages of several different planners before you buy one and you’ll get a good idea of which type would work best for you.

Most day planners come with information for ordering refill pages. Not all are refillable, but the ones that are should contain ordering information. If you buy an expensive day planner, be sure you can order refill pages with little difficulty so it will last you more than a year. Many planners can be customized if they don’t contain exactly the pages you need, but be sure it has the acceptable minimum.

Day planners can be a valuable organizing tools for work and home use. If you plan to record personal information in the planner or carry credit cards in one, make sure you are prepared to carry it with you everywhere you go. Make sure you buy the right size to fit in your purse or briefcase for easy transport.


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Day planners are glorified diaries unless they encourage you to plan proactively,plan for work and you and allow you to measure outcomes daily.

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Day Planners also need to allow you to plan for work AND for home.It should be designed so that you plan using your body clock- hard tasks when you are sharp and lesser important ones as the energy dips. And most importantly you must have a Road map you can use as your daily guiding light and have a system to measure your output each day at work, at home.

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